2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | BDS vs. SK Predictions & Match Analysis

After the absolute barnburner that is VIT vs. MAD, we have a much more “pedestrian” affair: Team BDS vs. SK! Predictions for it will surely be all over the place and, well, it’s easy to understand why — both of them are bottom-dwellers and have absolutely no shot at leaving a mark once everything is said and done.

That was… a harsh way of phrasing things, but by no means was it incorrect. We have a big enough sample size at our disposal to confidently say it out loud and not have any doubt whatsoever.

And, well, it’s not like we expected anything different; these two line-ups were never assembled with huge aspirations or lofty goals. The only thing they were supposed to accomplish was “stay afloat” and that they certainly did.

No flashy plays, no impressive highlight reels, no momentous win streaks or anything similar — just absolute mediocrity across the board with very few flashes of brilliance.

SK are ever so slightly better and more capable, but we’re talking nuances here — the kind of gap that can definitely be narrowed through good prep and immaculate execution (something for which neither of these two are well-known for).

And so don’t let the following hype video fool you — these are not top-tier teams. Heck, they’re not even gatekeepers!

2022 LEC Summer Betting | BDS vs. SK Predictions — Reasons to Watch

We’re always interested in seeing how much (if at all) those who are at the “bottom of the barrel” have improved. More often than not we end up being disappointed, but that interest and curiosity has yet to fade.

We are somewhat jaded with BDS and SK, though, and it warrants a mention.

BDS have made two changes to their starting line-up and, well, neither can be considered upgrades. SK, on the other hand, haven’t made any changes at all which was probably for the best — they were by no means abysmal at the game and now that they’ve had a bit more time to practice and synergize they could definitely stand a chance at pulling off an upset or two.

You shouldn’t hold your breath for it to happen though.

Who’s better than whom here is totally up in the air — a question that cannot be answered with confidence. We’re leaning more towards SK Gaming because of their pre-existing synergy but by no means should they be expected to win; there are many ways in which things could go awry for SK and they know it, too.

Be that as it may, betting against simply wouldn’t make any sense.

2022 LEC Summer Split Playoffs Betting | BDS vs. SK Predictions:
SK Gaming!
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