2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | FNC vs. XL Predictions & Match Analysis

FNC vs. XL is an endlessly interesting match-up — even though it might not look like it at first glance! Both of these teams have shown glimpses of brilliance last split and, needless to say, we can’t wait for them to once again step foot on stage and compete!

The former “Kings of Europe” are obviously head and shoulders better and more capable, but they, too, were no strangers to making egregious mistakes. All of them, however, came as a result of hubris which means they’re somewhat easy to fix — assuming they want to fix them, of course.

EXCEL, on the other hand, are a lot more limited in terms of overall strength and long-term potential, but have made waves last split so we’re definitely interested in seeing whether they’ll be able to further grow and build on that momentum or if a Top 6 finish was their absolute maximum.

We’re okay either way, but this was the first and only time that EXCEL were able to make waves, so we’re naturally curious to see how far they’ll be able to take it now that they’ll field the exact same line-up as in Spring.

Most folks, however, will tune in because of Fnatic and, well, naturally so.

Fnatic — It’s Now or Never

The boys in black and orange have as much potential as the incumbent champions and if they can get on the same page, work on their flaws, and truly huddle up now when it matters most, there’s not a doubt in our mind that they’ll not only be able to represent Europe on the biggest of stages come October but even contest for the LEC throne.

They’re no better nor worse than G2, but they do have a few very peculiar flaws, all of which could end up getting exploited — much like they were back in Spring.

Be that as it may, if everyone plays their part, Fnatic could — and most probably will — challenge G2 for the LEC throne. They have the right players for the job and if they don’t implode for whatever reason (like they did last playoffs), they’ll stand about an equal shot at making history and representing Europe as the number one seed at the forthcoming World Championship.

EXCEL, even on a good day, don’t have much to offer in that regard. They’re just worse across the board. It’s a night and day difference, really, which doesn’t mean they’re simply going to roll over and surrender. Far from it! They’re as feisty a team as they come and will surely look to upset and make waves as soon as humanly possible!

2022 LEC Summer Betting | FNC vs. XL Predictions — Reasons to Watch

We still have no concrete idea as to what we can expect from these two teams. We know what they’re capable of overall, but the meta has changed quite a bit and it’s also been a hot minute since the last time we saw them in action.

They’re top-tier contenders, no doubt, but we’re nonetheless wondering whether they’ve grown enough throughout the course of the off-season to really stand a chance at leaving a mark.

Fnatic are obviously favored, but they, too, have had certain issues we cannot help but be wary about.

Betting against the boys in black and orange simply wouldn’t make any sense at this point in time so our choice is both clear and simple.

2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | FNC vs. XL Predictions:
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