2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | G2 vs. AST Predictions & Match Analysis

We’re actually quite excited for G2 vs. AST. That might sound ludicrous, but hear us out: this is not the dreadful Astralis we’ve all become so accustomed to. They’re not miles better, either, but noticeable strides have been made and for that they deserve to be praised.

Vizicsacsi, Xerxe, and JeongHoon will all be sporting the widely ridiculed Astralis jersey. Talk about an eclectic mix! The first two are seasoned veterans who — while legendary — may or may not be past their prime. JeongHoon, on the other hand, is about as big a mystery as it gets.

Labeling him as a “question mark” would be a feat of generosity.

On the one hand, we like that Astralis did a bit of scouting. Generally speaking that’s always a positive sign. On the other, they might have gone too far on this one. Importing a fairly inexperienced support from the LCK Challengers League is a move that makes no sense whatsoever.

Was no one else available? Could they have not brought up a standout player from the ERLs? We know for a fact that they could, which makes their decision all the more baffling. Not only is JeongHoon not a prodigy with an astounding amount of potential, but he probably isn’t even fluent in English.

What do Astralis stand to gain then?

Your guess is as good as ours. We understand them signing Csacsi and Xerxe. Not only are they grizzled beyond measure but they already have a bit of synergy with Kobbe and should, therefore, make for a (relatively) deadly trio.

JeongHoon, on the other hand, must have brought the house down during tryouts — that’s the only possible answer that comes to mind. Then again, one should never try to understand Astralis and their decision-making as their calls rarely come from a place of sound logic and reason.

If you need proof then look no further than their empty trophy case and non-existing laurels.

2022 LEC Summer Betting | G2 vs. AST Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Be that as it may, we’re still excited to see both G2 and Astralis duke it out on the Summoner’s Rift. We know how this one’s going to pan out. There’s not a soul alive that expects Astralis to win, which doesn’t, however, mean they won’t be able to put up a fight.

This particular Astralis line-up is by no means the worst roster in the LEC. That needs to be said and underlined. They’re at best a gatekeeper, but they should nonetheless be awarded a bit of respect — especially at this early point of the season.

Vizicsacsi, Xerxe, and Kobbe are all as experienced as it gets, and while they might not be as good at the game as was the case a few years ago, they’re still a bit dangerous and should, by all means, be able to put on a show.

G2 Esports, however, are a cut above. They’re cut from a different cloth, and their phenomenal (if tremendously inconsistent) performance at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational serves as proof.

They’ll probably drop a few games over the coming weeks, but we do think they’ll start things off with a bang — at Astralis’ expense, of course.

2022 LEC Summer Split Playoffs Betting | G2 vs. AST Predictions:
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