2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | G2 vs. XL Predictions & Match Analysis

G2 vs. XL is the first game of the day that actually warrants a bit of granular analysis. It is a match-up that, on paper, doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. In actuality, however, it is far more interesting — and, potentially, competitive — than the odds would suggest.

Now, let’s not beat around the bush or create any unnecessary suspense: G2 Esports are better across the board and everyone knows it, too. EXCEL, however, are much better and more capable than most folks want to give them credit for.

They’re not a towering giant by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re still quite dangerous and could, by all means, put on a show.

That’s perhaps the biggest reason as to why we’ll all tune in — to see how much they’ve improved and how big a fight they’ll be able to put up. We were quite impressed with their growth last split. They were by no means capable enough to dethrone the LEC pantheon but they sure were competitive.

And so now we cannot help but wonder: have they evolved during the course of the off-season?

If we assume that their biggest weaknesses have somehow been dealt with and ameliorated, then EXCEL could, potentially, compete for a spot in the Top 4. It’s a stretch, we know, but it’s not impossible.

In any case, they’re a very capable team that should not be underestimated whatsoever.

G2 vs. XL — A Great Litmus Test

All EXCEL have to do is put up a fight and make things as competitive as humanly possible. That will be more than enough at this early point of the split. No one’s expecting them to beat the incumbent champions — that’s too big of an “ask” given the skill disparity between them.

But if they can make things competitive and give G2 a run for their money we’ll all be happy and satisfied.

We want EXCEL to succeed not because of any allegiance but rather for the fact that the LEC needs as many thriving challengers as possible. Iron sharpens iron, after all.

As for our prediction, it’d be insane to bet against G2 after all that they’ve shown and accomplished over the last few weeks. If they could rub shoulders with the likes of T1 and Royal Never Give Up, they should by all means be able to handle whatever EXCEL might bring to the table.

2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | G2 vs. XL Predictions:
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