2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | MAD vs. G2 Predictions & Match Analysis

As far as predictions go, MAD vs G2 is quite a “landmine.” On the one hand, we have the incumbent champions and the de facto best team in the LEC. On the other, a feisty contender that is competing with renewed strength and vigor.

It’s not that competitive on paper, but in actuality, it’ll probably end up being one heck of a game.

The former two-time LEC champions cannot be underestimated. They’re head and shoulders better than they were back in Spring and their record proves it, too. The inclusion of Nisqy seems to have turned this team around in the most tremendous of ways.

Everyone’s carrying their fair share of the weight and it just seems like the team finally has an identity — a similar “vibe” to the one they had back in their championship-winning days.

The region itself has changed quite a bit since then, but if MAD keep on growing, there’s not a doubt in our mind that they’ll be able to challenge for the LEC throne once more.

Their only two losses came at the hands of Rogue and EXCEL. The former could’ve easily been avoided. In fact, MAD were in the driver’s seat throughout the whole contest. The latter, however, was a clear indication that EXCEL are, in fact, a Top 2 team at this point in time.

Losing to such a team, therefore, means that MAD — while not yet on the same level — is still on the verge of “cracking” Top 3. Not too shabby for a team that missed out on the playoffs last split.

Their mistakes can easily be ascribed to their burgeoning synergy (or lack thereof); they’ll no doubt iron everything out over the coming weeks and then, once it’s time, give G2 Esports and the rest of the LEC pantheon a run for their money.

MAD vs G2 Predictions — More Competitive Than It Looks

The sheer fact that MAD are now capable enough to challenge G2 across the board speaks volumes not just about their individual talent but their long-term potential as well. This was unfathomable mere weeks ago, so credit where credit is due.

That being said, G2 are still a cut above. They have the better players and, perhaps most importantly, more synergy. They’re also a fair bit crazier, too. Will they put their best foot forward and play to the best of their ability or, conversely, fool around like they did against Team BDS?

There’s really no way to know at this point in time, but they are favored and there’s a very good reason as to why. One thing’s for certain: it’ll be a clash worthy of tuning in to!

2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | MAD vs G2 Predictions:
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