2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | MSF vs. AST Predictions & Match Analysis

MSF vs. AST is the kind of game you really don’t need to tune in to. There’s very little to get excited about — a top-tier prospect taking on a perennial bottom-dweller? That is by no means a recipe for a barnburner.

Fortunately, not all is grim. Astralis will actually enter the second half of the competitive season with a slightly better and more improved roster than we expected.

They’re still not going to be making any waves but better and more dangerous they’ll certainly be. And we’re okay with that, at least for the time being. You cannot expect such a severely flawed team — and an organization that obviously has no idea what it’s doing — to make huge strides over a few months.

Small, incremental changes and upgrades are the name of the game for Astralis, and while they’re not going to be upending the status quo any time soon they’ll at least put up a much bigger fight and, hopefully, get a few more wins on the board as well.

Misfits, however, are still a cut above. They’re better across the board and, if things pan out as expected, they’ll once again be rubbing shoulders with the LEC cream of the crop — a pantheon of teams Astralis in no conceivable way belongs to.

There’s a very large gap between these two, and while it might not be as vast and tremendous as was the case last split, it’s still large enough for it to matter. Then again, the meta is still in a state of flux, champions are a lot more durable and harder to burst down, and Astralis now have a ton more experience — especially compared to Misfits.

And so if ever there was a moment in which they could challenge and potentially even pull off an upset, it’s probably now.

2022 LEC Predictions | MSF vs. AST — A Mismatch at Heart

All of that being said, it’s still mighty hard to imagine a world in which Misfits — being as good as they are — drop a game to the boys in blue and red.

Shlatan and Neon have been absolutely stellar throughout the year and will surely keep on improving even further as time goes on. And don’t even get us started on Vetheo, a guy who’s, by all metrics, a future superstar.

This’ll be the last split he’ll ever wear a Misfits jersey as he’s bound to get “scooped up” by another top-tier giant come off-season — and deservedly so.

In any case, Misfits are favored here for a very good reason.

2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | MSF vs. AST Predictions:
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