2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | MSF vs. XL Predictions & Match Analysis

Now we’re talking: MSF vs. XL might not seem all that interesting, but it could, by all means, end up being a barnburner! As far as predictions go, however, it is not as simple as we had hoped coming into 2022 — both teams are a lot better than expected which makes our job a living nightmare.

Be that as it may, we’re definitely excited to once again see these two teams in action! They’ve shown a ton throughout the first half of the season and, needless to say, we’re interested in seeing how much (if at all) they’ve grown during the course of the off-season!

We’re also somewhat hesitant when it comes to say who’s better than whom here. Misfits have, generally, had higher highs but the difference is minute and, depending on the day, negligible.

Most of their success came by way of Vetheo, a guy who confidently said he’d win MVP once the year began. And, lo and behold, his foretelling and prophecy came true, no matter how ludicrous it might have seemed just a few months ago.

Now we all know him as one of the most promising LEC mids and, potentially, a future superstar — one who’s bound to get a series of alluring offers once the off-season comes around.

But if you remove him from Misfits, all you’re left with are Shlatan and Neon, two players who — while undeniably great and talented — were rarely the difference-makers. They had their own moments of brilliance, granted, but they never shined as bright as Vetheo, nor did they come close.

Misfits live and die by Vetheo and his sword. If he can play out of his mind and hard-carry like his life depends on it then they, too, will stand a chance at emerging victorious.

But that, while admirable, is not a good “set-up.” Heck, it’s not even close!

EXCEL — Better Than the Sum of Their Parts

You want a team that is layered, a team that has depth — a team that can dig deep and execute a vast array of team comps and strategies. And Misfits, while by no means abysmal in that regard, don’t really fit the bill.

EXCEL, however, do. Well, they’re not a “home run” kind of fit, but they are slightly more versatile, and they do have more veterans — legends through which they can (and most probably will) eke out their wins.

Now, don’t mistake this for praise as we seldom give it. EXCEL are by no means a towering giant nor will they be upending the status quo. That much is clear. But they’re good and can, at times, achieve great results.

These times are infrequent, granted, but the point stands nonetheless.

We quite like what they’ve shown us. They’re not a phenomenal team with the highest of skill ceilings, but they will pose a threat and should not be underestimated whatsoever. The same goes for Misfits as well but them having to start with Irrelevant over HiRit is bound to hinder their play — at least early on.

Now, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: HiRit did not perform well last split. That much is a fact, if ever there was one. He did, however, have some synergy with the rest of the team and that, in all fairness, is still worth something.

This roster change is of the “one step forwards, two steps back” variety, but it will raise their skill ceiling in the long run. Whether they’ll be able to truly harness said potential in time for it to matter still remains to be seen.

We’re not particularly optimistic but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt — that’s the least we can do after they held their own against the LEC cream of the crop.

2022 LEC Summer Betting | MSF vs. XL Predictions — Reasons to Watch

The reason why this particular match is so important is because both EXCEL and Misfits will basically be fighting for the exact same spot in the standings. They’re both playoff contenders but there’s only so much room left in the Top 6.

It’s easy to envision a world in which one of them gets in at the expense of the other, which makes this game a lot more important than one might assume.

Head-to-head records and will-loss tallies matter immensely, and a meager eighteen games are separating these two from the postseason.

Will they be able to deliver amidst such stressful circumstances? We’ll find out soon enough.

We’ll side with EXCEL on this one, although by no means are we doing so with any immense amount of confidence. They haven’t made any changes to their starting line-up and that should, in both theory and practice, result in them being ever so slightly more cohesive and, by proxy, dangerous.

Well, that’s our hope at least.

Misfits have about as good a chance at emerging victorious, but going with EXCEL does make a bit more sense at this point in time. In any case, we’ll get our answers in a matter of days!

2022 LEC Summer Split Playoffs Betting | MSF vs. XL Predictions:
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