2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | RGE vs. FNC Predictions & Match Analysis

At long last: a spectacle! If there’s one game you absolutely need to tune in to, it’s this one! RGE vs. FNC has “fireworks” written all over it! Who’ll come out ahead, however, feels nigh impossible to predict.

Both teams have a shot and they’re both stacked from “head to toe” with some of the very best players the LEC has to offer. Their coaching staffs, too, are downright extraordinary, which only further complicates things on our end.

They are, without a shadow of a doubt, the second- and third-best teams in all of Europe. Who’s better than whom, however, is up for debate. It probably varies and fluctuates from one week to the next, as it did back in Spring.

They’re neck and neck when it comes to talent, depth, and overall potential, which makes this particular clash — and every subsequent one — an absolute must watch!

It’s also been a hot minute since the last time we saw them in action. A lot has changed in the interim but Fnatic’s implosion at the very end of Spring still feels as bitter as it did back when it first happened.

We still can’t comprehend their drafts, their plays, their stubbornness.

And so that’s the main thing we’re wondering here: have they fixed their biggest and most egregious issues? Have they tackled — and defeated — their previous demons? Or will they, conversely, sweep their hubris under the rug and hope that no one notices?

We’ll get our answer soon enough.

Fnatic — Expect Great Things

The former “Kings of Europe” made no changes whatsoever to their starting line-up and we, for one, are glad. Certain players definitely dropped the ball near the very tail end of the split but, as a whole, Fnatic’s about as good and capable as it gets.

There’s no weak link whatsoever and, by the looks of it, they’ll be even better because of a slew of recent meta changes, all of which will further benefit and “unlock” their staggeringly dominant bottom lane duo.

Hylissang and enchanter supports aren’t exactly an iconic duo, but the guy can dominate on as wide a range of picks and champions as any player out there. He’s a mastermind and one half of the de facto best bottom lane duo in the West.

Upset, too, will have a field day, now that his opponents will no longer be able to burst him down in a split second. His positioning and teamfighting are second to none, and if he can play at the exact same level as he did back in Spring, he will no doubt be the one pushing Fnatic over the finish line.

All in all, there’s quite a lot to look forward to as far as Fnatic is concerned. We despised a few of their tendencies but they, too, are easy to fix — assuming they want to fix them.

Rogue — It’s Time to Deliver

Much of what we’ve just said for Fnatic can be applied to Rogue as well. Unlike the boys in black and orange, however, they didn’t make any egregious mistakes last split. They were pretty much extraordinary throughout the entire thing and had simply lost to a team that was better than them on that given day: G2 Esports.

That’s all there is to it.

They should, therefore, be able to enter the forthcoming split without skipping a beat! It still remains to be seen just how much they’ll be affected by the recent meta changes but we don’t think they’ll be any better or worse than was the case back in Spring.

They might not be the best team in the LEC, but they’re nonetheless an exceptional bunch and they should, by all means, be able to lock down a spot in the Top 3 and subsequently represent Europe on the biggest of stages come October — for the third time in a row, by the way.

2022 LEC Summer Betting | RGE vs. FNC Predictions — Reasons to Watch

The outcome of this particular game is totally up in the air. Both teams have a shot and are separated by the slimmest of margins — as was the case just a few weeks ago.

We cannot, therefore, favor one over the other; to say nothing of the many meta changes which have recently gone into effect — all of which are bound to leave an indelible mark on competitive play.

That being said, the odds on Fnatic upsetting are actually quite alluring. If our assumptions end up being correct, they should definitely have a slight upper hand over Rogue. It can really go either way though, so proceed with caution.

2022 LEC Summer Split Playoffs Betting | RGE vs. FNC Predictions:
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