2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | RGE vs. MAD Predictions & Match Analysis

RGE vs. MAD is always a load of fun and this particular clash is no different in that regard. These two teams are stacked from head to toe with some of Europe’s best and most promising young players and, needless to say, you really ought to tune in!

They also have a few seasoned veterans within their ranks, too; players who’ve stood the test of time and are still competing at the highest of levels — a testament to their inherent talent and overall work ethic.

Guys like Odoamne and Nisqy have been around for what feels like an eternity and yet their level of play hasn’t diminished much (if at all). They might not be the absolute best players in their respective roles but they’re so well-rounded and capable it doesn’t even matter.

Now, let’s get one thing perfectly clear: Rogue are better at this point in time and they’ll almost surely end up getting the win. That much is obvious and, well, it’d be wholly redundant of us to explain why.

Still, the MAD Lions have upgraded during the course of the off-season, and their decision to bring in Nisqy at Reeker’s expense has, in every way, shape, and form, been a stroke of absolute genius.

Nisqy is the kind of player MAD needed and with him aboard they’ll not only be able to once again compete at the highest of levels but perhaps even lock down a ticket to the World Championship.

It’s a stretch, we know, but by no means is it impossible. To do so, they’ll almost certainly have to get through Rogue, which is why this particular game feels so darn important. It’s not the “be all and end all” if they lose, but it’ll nonetheless give us a very good idea of whether or not they’re capable enough to compete at the highest of levels.

2022 LEC Summer Predictions | RGE vs. MAD — Mighty Interesting

This’ll be a very interesting litmus test for MAD — and a most dangerous one at that. Taking on Rogue is by no means a trifle challenge and MAD are probably aware of the fact that they’re bound to find themselves in deep waters from the very moment they step foot on Summoner’s Rift.

Rogue are better at this point in time. They’re more cohesive with more pronounced strengths and weaknesses. They’re also pretty darn good at the game, too, and have shown very few exploitable flaws throughout the entirety of the Spring Split.

They are, therefore, all but guaranteed to leave a mark once everything is said and done.

The onus will be on MAD to perform. They are the ones that now have to deliver and make something of their 2022 season. They’ll have to get on the same page, adapt to the ever-changing meta, and put on a show against some of the very best teams the LEC has to offer.

That’s quite a tall order, all things considered.

The MAD Lions will need a bit of time to “acclimate” and start playing at their best. Of that much you can be certain. Once that happens though, they’ll no doubt be able to rub shoulders with the G2s and Fnatics and Rogues of the world.

Right now, though, betting on Rogue feels like the only logical option.

2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | RGE vs. MAD Predictions:
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