2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | SK vs. MAD Predictions & Match Analysis

SK vs. MAD isn’t exactly a premier match-up. It is, however, a great litmus test for the former two-time LEC champions. The MAD Lions are in dire need of a rebound, and what better way to mount a comeback and generate momentum than by getting a statement win over a middling gatekeeper like SK?

That’s the only reason why we’ll all tune in: to see whether they’ve fixed their most glaring issues and whether they’ll hit the ground running with their new mid laner.

Them bringing in Nisqy was a stroke of absolute genius. There’s really no other way to say it.

They needed a mid laner who was consistent, a solid enough laner, an exceptional team fighter, and — perhaps most importantly — someone who could roam and get his teammates ahead whenever the need arose.

Nisqy fits the bill and then some.

He might not be the best mid laner around, but he’s more well-rounded than most and is still at the peak of his powers. If the rest of MAD can step up and perform as well as they did back in 2020, they should definitely be able to make waves and potentially even compete for a spot in the Top 3.

This version of MAD has no glaring weakness. That much is a fact. We know that UNFORGIVEN has a metric ton of potential and we also know what his teammates — the more seasoned ones — are capable of.

They will make waves; of that you can be certain.

2022 LEC Summer Betting | SK vs. MAD Predictions — Reasons to Watch

As already mentioned, the only reason why one ought to tune in and observe the “spectacle” is because of the MAD Lions. They’re motivated beyond measure to find redemption and make something of their 2022 season.

To do so, they’ll need to start swinging for the fences the very moment they step foot on the Summoner’s Rift and the fewer egregious mistakes they make the better.

They still have an entire split’s worth of games to leave some kind of a mark, but they cannot rest on their laurels or calculate too much.

There’s quite a bit of a gap between them and the rest of the LEC pantheon, and if they want to reach the very top and potentially even compete for a spot at Worlds they’ll need to make a statement sooner rather than later.

SK Gaming are, at times, a fairly capable bunch. Heavily flawed, too, but capable nonetheless. You can never be too certain whether they’ll overperform or, conversely, implode at the first sign of trouble — it’s always a toss-up with SK.

Still, even on a good day, they shouldn’t be able to best an upgraded MAD Lions.

Nothing’s impossible at this early point of the split, though, so just keep that in mind if you’re looking to put your money on the line — the meta is still in a state of flux and teams will surely need a bit of time to acclimate and find their footing which, in turn, could result in a myriad of upsets.

2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | SK vs. MAD Predictions:
MAD Lions!
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