2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | VIT vs. BDS Predictions & Match Analysis

This here is yet another lopsided mismatch (much like the one preceding it). VIT vs. BDS is, at its very core, as uninteresting as it gets. Still, if you’re a fan of these players and organizations, then you’ll want to tune in regardless of the broader context — if anything, so that you can get a better read on just how much they’ve improved during the course of the off-season and whether they’ve improved enough for it to truly matter.

We’ve said it a million times thus far and we’ll say it again: Vitality have all the tools and weapons they need to mount a very respectable run. There’s really no other way to say it.

Giving them any benefit of the doubt, however, would not only be ill-advised but perhaps even foolish.

The problems Vitality have do not stem from a lack of talent or experience but rather the lack of guidance. Their coaching staff, by the looks of it, doesn’t really know what its doing. And you can see it in their roster changes as much as in the fact that Vitality’s players haven’t really grown much as of late — if at all.

They were winning most of their games solely through their individual talent and overall mechanical prowess — they had no cohesion to speak of whatsoever.

They’ve surely grown a bit during the last few weeks, but we don’t think it’ll be enough for them to truly stand a chance against the G2s and Fnatics and Rogues of the world.

2022 LEC Predictions | VIT vs. BDS — Still a Lopsided Mismatch

With all of that said, Vitality should still be more than capable enough to beat a fairly inexperienced Team BDS. There’s a world of difference between these two teams and everyone knows it, too.

You have some of Europe’s finest on the one side and a bunch of greenhorns on the other. It’s about as big a mismatch as we can imagine.

That doesn’t, however, mean that Vitality will just cruise their way to a victory. Far from it. They’re severely flawed, too, and they’re no strangers to dropping the ball when you least expect them to.

Moreover, they’ll now be competing with Haru instead of Selfmade — the Polish powerhouse who was, by all means, their best-performing player throughout the entire Spring Split. Now they’ll not only be less dangerous from the jungle position but they’ll also have to rebuild synergy from the ground up.

As if they weren’t already facing an uphill battle!

So, expect a fairly competitive affair that should, in the end, go Vitality’s way.

2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | VIT vs. BDS Predictions:
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