2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | VIT vs. MAD Predictions & Match Analysis

VIT vs. MAD is pretty much the perfect way to start off the 2022 LEC Summer Split! As far as predictions go, however, this one’s an absolute landmine. There’s really no other way to say it.

You have Vitality, the rightful favorites, and MAD, a team that has had higher highs, lower lows, and are far more versatile than their forthcoming opponents. They also have a brand new mid laner and, needless to say, they’ve upgraded beyond all measure.

Bringing in Nisqy has single-handedly solved their biggest issue. They now have a seasoned veteran to lead the charge and to fill in the “gaps” which were oh-so-evident throughout the first half of the competitive season.

MAD Lions — Ten Times Better

Now, Nisqy is by no means a miracle worker, but he is exceptionally consistent, can snowball his leads and get his teammates ahead, he tends to roam whenever possible, and can play pretty much everything at a very respectable level.

He’s no caPs, but he is the right kind of player MAD were looking for. A match made in heaven, in you will.

The Lions have other issues, too, but they’re a lot easier to solve and fix and offset with the right line-up — something that they now finally have.

The biggest question now is: how long will it take for them to truly harness their potential and get on the same page? That’s a very layered question and, well, it’s impossible to say at this early point of the split.

We can totally envision both scenarios, and, well, that’s quite a problem seeing how we’re looking to put our money on the line and all. To make things even more complicated, the Lions will be taking on the most enigmatic and volatile team the LEC has to offer: Vitality!

A barnburner is guaranteed, but its outcome still lingers in the air. We have a very limited amount of information at our disposal, and a good chunk of it isn’t even viable as the meta changed quite a bit since the last time we saw these teams in action.

It goes without saying, but this one’s not for the faint of heart!

Team Vitality… A Pandora’s Box

Vitality will either bounce back in the grandest of fashions or, conversely, implode to the extreme. There’s so much pressure on their shoulders it’s not even fair, but that’s just a natural by-product of them having those particular players.

A team with Alphari, Perkz, and Carzzy simply has to make waves. Otherwise it’s nothing but an experiment worthy of everyone’s criticism. Labeling them as a “superteam” perhaps wasn’t all that fair, but there is a bit of merit to such a statement.

This line-up is still comprised of some of the very best and most talented players the European region ever fostered. Anything other than, say, a Top 3 finish should rightfully be deemed a debacle — and deem it as such we certainly did!

Have they grown? Have their issues been solved? We doubt it. The flaws they have cannot — and most probably will not — be fixed in a few months’ time. For Vitality to actually leave some kind of a mark, they’ll need to make huge, sweeping changes to their coaching staff rather than their line-up.

Vitality do not lack for talent or experience but rather guidance.

You can swap out players for however long you want but tangible results will never come. They, too, have made a single change to their starting line-up and, needless to say, we’re all baffled and perplexed to the highest of levels.

To swap out Selfmade — their best-performing player — for another jungler who isn’t even fluent in English sounds like just the kind of thing Vitality would go for. We don’t know what happened behind the scenes. That is a fact. We also have no idea whether Selfmade became too big of an issue (or his personality, rather).

We do, however, know that without him in the line-up they won’t be nearly as… “capable” as was the case last split.

All in all, it’s hard not to be disappointed with Vitality’s decision. We’re not surprised, though — this is totally within their M.O.

2022 LEC Summer Betting | VIT vs. MAD Predictions — Reasons to Watch

This match-up is amongst the most important ones for a very simple reason: both MAD and Vitality will basically be fighting for the exact same spot in the standings. They’re both playoff contenders and they also have a shot at making Top 3.

It might be a long shot, but it does exist.

It is, therefore, paramount for them to start off swinging and get as many wins on the board as they possibly can. There’s no more room for error, especially not for these two organizations who’ve dropped the ball beyond measure last split.

It’s “do or die” and they know it, too. Whether that’ll end up serving as a boon to their performance still remains to be seen, but there’s definitely a reason to be optimistic.

We have a bit more faith in the MAD Lions, although not by much. We’re talking about the most minute differences here, so take that as you wish. Vitality have about an equal shot at getting the win, but we feel like their newly introduced language barrier might cause a few severe issues early on.

And so, with that in mind, betting on the underdogs might end up paying off!

2022 LEC Summer Split Playoffs Betting | VIT vs. MAD Predictions:
Team Vitality!
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