2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | EG vs. RNG Predictions and Match Analysis

This is where things get a bit less stressful: as far as predictions go, EG vs. RNG feels like a foregone conclusion and, well, it’s easy to understand why.

We have the North American champions on the one side — capable and somewhat dangerous — and one of the very best teams in the history of the game on the other. This is, at its core, quite a big mismatch.

Still, the LCS champions should not be underestimated as they’re not only feisty but have nothing to lose, too; this, in turn, means they’ll be playing without any pressure whatsoever.

Expectations are high for Royal Never Give Up. They not only hail from the most competitive region in the world but are the defending MSI champions as well. They cannot “afford” to drop the ball, unlike their forthcoming opponents who’ve already been smacked around and embarrassed by G2 Esports (a whopping four times, to be more exact).

This experience, while undoubtedly painful and sobering, does have its benefits. They’ve been put in their place — in the most tremendous of fashions, no less. They are, therefore, aware of their faults and weaknesses and will find it easier to compete.

They were given a reality check.

EG vs. RNG Predictions | A Mismatch Through and Through

Royal Never Give Up, on the other hand, pretty much steamrolled through all opposition. They did have a few iffy games, but overall, they’ve been about as dominant as we thought they’d be.

There’s very little one can say about them as they didn’t give much to talk about. They came in, dominated beyond measure, and left the arena as if it were just another day at the office. They were never pushed to the very brink of defeat nor did they have someone to trade blows with.

That’s why the Rumble Stage is so darn exciting: it’ll give us a more thorough look at the six best teams competing. There’s still a pretty concrete gap between them, but it’s not as vast or insurmountable as was the case just a few days ago.

Evil Geniuses aren’t dumb — they’re know they’re the underdogs in this one and, frankly, they probably don’t mind. That means they can compete without burden which, in turn, could make them a lot more dangerous than one would expect.

Still, even at their best, they’re probably nowhere near good enough as their forthcoming opponents. They’ll surely make things competitive, but once the dust settles, Royal Never Give Up are all but guaranteed to be the last ones standing.

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | EG vs. RNG Predictions:
Royal Never Give Up!
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