2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | G2 vs. ORD Predictions and Match Analysis

As far as predictions go, G2 vs. ORD is about as straightforward as it gets. There’s really no other way to put it. We have the absolute best team in Group C — and the most successful organization in Western League history — and a feisty albeit still flawed challenger from Oceania.

The gap between them is simply insurmountable and that, in short, is hardly a surprise.

The first time they clashed off was pretty darn competitive, although a lot of it can be attributed to a bit of stage fright and the fact that G2 still hadn’t fully acclimated to their newfound surroundings.

Their second and third games were much more commanding and, well, they erased any and all doubt people might have had about G2’s inexperienced bottom lane duo.

To put it simply: G2 are thriving beyond measure in today’s meta and are amongst the very best teams at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational. That much is clear after their first three outings, and boy can we not wait for them to once again step foot on stage and compete!

G2 vs. ORD — The LEC Champions Reign Supreme

It’s hard to envision a world in which ORDER come out ahead. They’re just not good enough to compete on even footing with the LEC champions. Their mechanics are great, don’t get us wrong, but as the game progresses, and laning itself becomes less important, they tend to fall apart.

That holds true for most (if not all) wildcard regions. They’re very solid on an individual level but are nowhere near capable enough when it comes to macro and timely rotations and setting up objectives and even teamfighting to a certain degree.

G2 Esports, on the other hand, is a complete team. They excel at many of those things and are experienced and seasoned beyond measure. They’re also surprisingly coherent as a five-man unit and have shown tremendous mental fortitude, the kind of which is seldom seen.

And, well, they’ve also won a whopping fifteen games in a row which is no doubt a feat worthy of praise and commendation.

They currently hold a perfect record and we’re pretty darn sure they’ll end the Group Stage without even a single loss on the board. And, well, even if they do end up losing, it’ll almost certainly be against the North American champions — not the Oceanic representatives.

In any case, expect a skirmish-heavy clash, one that is bound to deliver in all the right ways!

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | G2 vs. ORD Predictions:
G2 Esports!
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