2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | PSG vs. RNG Predictions and Match Analysis

PSG vs. RNG might seem like a lopsided mismatch, but there’s a very real chance of an upset happening. It’s unlikely, granted, but impossible it certainly isn’t. We’ve witnessed many mind-boggling twists and turns over the last few days, so it’s fair to say that nothing whatsoever would surprise us at this point.

Royal Never Give Up are a thousand times better and more capable, but they, too, have been a fair bit more inconsistent than we’d like. They’re undoubtedly the best team at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational, but they pushed to the very brink of defeat on many an occasion, and it’s only a matter of time before they end up dropping the ball.

Will that happen against PSG Talon? We seriously doubt it, but it very well could.

Strange things have occurred thus far. We didn’t think G2 would be able to beat T1 and RNG and yet it happened. We didn’t think Evil Geniuses would be capable enough to tango with the LCK champions and yet they came out on top. We didn’t think Saigon Buffalo would get any wins on the board and yet they outclassed PSG Talon with staggering ease a mere few hours ago.

Labeling any kind of outcome as “impossible” would be foolish.

The meta is changing before our very eyes, and only a handful of teams have been able to adapt on-the-fly. PSG Talon are by no means exemplary in this regard, but they’ve actually done a fair bit better than we thought they would so credit where credit is due.

Their incredible wins over G2 Esports got us all hyped up. Then came their loss to Saigon Buffalo and, well, it’s fair to say that their hype train got derailed about as soon as it was brought into existence.

PSG vs. RNG — Potentially Quite Competitive

Don’t let the odds fool you: PSG Talong are a lot more dangerous than most folks want to give them credit for. They are by no means a towering behemoth, but they can, at times, overperform and, in doing so, exceed any and all possible expectations.

We don’t think they’ll pull off the “seemingly impossible,” but they’re nonetheless a capable adversary and will surely come out the gates swinging. Royal Never Give Up would, therefore, be wise not to underestimate them.

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble Stage Betting | PSG vs. RNG Predictions:
Royal Never Give Up!
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