2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | RED vs. RNG Predictions and Match Analysis

Predictions for RED vs. RNG will be wholly unanimous and, well, it’d be redundant of us to explain why. Betting on Royal Never Give Up always makes a ton of sense, especially if they’re scheduled to compete against a subpar wildcard contender.

Now, the RED Canids have done a fair bit better than we expected, but they’re still a flawed team with numerous weaknesses their more capable peers have been able to exploit. And, based on all that we’ve seen, that’ll continue being the case going forward as well.

They’re feisty and somewhat dangerous but those virtues alone cannot amount to much. Their macro leaves a lot to be desired and so does the way in which they rotate around the map and set up objectives.

They’re the quintessential wildcard representative: capable and gritty, but also limited in terms of talent and overall potential.

Unfortunately, they’re scheduled to face a team of unparalleled depth and ability — a towering giant unlike any other.

RED vs. RNG | Wholly Lopsided

The RED Canids have won us over with their feisty play and overall resilience. They haven’t been all that successful overall, but that was to be expected: we knew they’d face an exceedingly steep hill — one which they almost surely wouldn’t be able to climb.

Still, it’s less about making history and more about leaving a good, lasting impression and, hopefully, accruing a bit of confidence for the forthcoming World Championship. And, well, that’s precisely what they’ve accomplished.

They’re currently tied with Istanbul Wildcats and PSG Talon so, in theory, they still have a shot at making it out of groups. It might be an unlikely scenario, but impossible it certainly is not.

In any case, them upsetting Royal Never Give Up would be tantamount to a miracle. And, well, we’re definitely not going to bet on it happening — for reasons that need no explaining.

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | RED vs. RNG Predictions:
Royal Never Give Up!
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