2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | SGB vs. EG Predictions and Match Analysis

Predicting SGB vs. EG is no easy task. The North American champions are obviously favored (hardly a surprise), but are they actually better and more adept at the game? Will they be able to thrive amidst the chaos which the VCS representatives bring to the table?

These are all hugely important questions and, frankly, there aren’t any answers in sight. We can only theorize at this point which, frankly, is never a good thing as far as betting is concerned. Throughout history, the LCS was often on the receiving end of things whenever its contenders had to go up against Vietnam.

They were often overwhelmed by the sheer, unfiltered aggression for which that region is so well known for.

The VCS might not be the most layered of regions, but its best teams have always been extraordinary at the game. Vietnamese players are only slightly less aggressive than those from China, and while they might not be as versatile (and, by proxy, capable), they more than make up for it in sheer grit and determination.

They always compete with a chip on their shoulder, along with an incredible amount of confidence. They want to make their fans proud and are well aware that unless they fight like their lives depend on it, they run the risk of getting overwhelmed and, eventually, beaten to a pulp.

Saigon Buffalo have already made waves, despite the fact that they were faced with some truly stiff opposition. A 4W-2L record for a wildcard representative?

An absolutely sublime result.

SGB vs. EG Predictions | Closer Than It Looks

The thing is, though, wildcard regions are deemed inferior for a very good reason: if they don’t impose their own playstyle right from the very get-go, they tend to implode in one way or another as the mid and later stages of the game come around.

They’re not as layered or capable when it comes to macro, timely rotations, and setting up objectives. These things are absolutely vital in League of Legends.

Now, in all fairness, it’s not like Evil Geniuses are some sort of towering behemoth, but they’re are a cut above. They have numerous former champions under their banner, a former world champion in top, and two of the most promising young rookies the North American region has seen in years.

The fact that they failed to compete with G2 Esports should in no way cloud our judgment: they’re a capable bunch and can, by all means, tango at the highest of levels. And that’s not something we’re convinced can be said for Saigon Buffalo as well.

It’ll be a game of inches, is what we’re saying.

And in that kind of set-up, we feel that Evil Geniuses will come out on top. It’s not going to be easy, but they’re well-coached and have the tools to win, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

That being said, an upset here is definitely possible, so if you’re feeling adventurous, going with the VCS champions might prove to be worth your while! In any case, a chaotic, skirmish-heavy bloodbath (i.e. a fiesta) is all but guaranteed, so make sure to tune in!

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | SGB vs. EG Predictions:
Evil Geniuses!
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