2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | SGB vs. T1 Predictions and Match Analysis

At its core, SGB vs. T1 is about as big of a mismatch as we can imagine. Still, things might end up being a fair bit more competitive than the odds would suggest. There are two reasons as to why that’s so: T1 are nowhere near as dangerous as we thought they’d be and Saigon Buffalo, while undoubtedly flawed and exploitable, have nothing left to lose.

So we have one team that will be competing under an incredible amount of pressure, and another that has no burden whatsoever on its shoulders. And that, in short, is often a surefire recipe for an upset.

Now, we don’t think SGB will go the “whole nine yards,” but they certainly could, and that warrants a mention.

Their last two games were absolutely incredible. They nearly took down Royal Never Give Up in one of the most chaotic games of the tournament, after which they went blow for blow with PSG Talon and actually came out on top.

They are not to be trifled with.

In fact, Saigon Buffalo have never been in as “good” a position as they are now: all of their adversaries are fighting for a shot at advancing further into the tournament, whereas they get to play spoiler.

They’re playing with no reserve whatsoever and that may well end up being the “secret ingredient.”

T1, on the other hand, have regressed beyond measure and are arguably the only team left at this year’s MSI that is refusing to adapt to the ever-changing meta. They’re still winning, mind you, but it’s solely through individual prowess and stellar teamfighting — two traits and virtues that won’t matter much against a towering giant like Royal Never Give Up.

The sheer fact that they lost to Evil Geniuses means that they could, by all means, end up dropping the ball against Saigon Buffalo as well. Now, it is an unlikely scenario, but it is by no means an impossible one.

So you really ought to keep that in mind if you’re looking to put your hard-earned money on the line.

SGB vs. T1 — Not As Lopsided As It Seems

The LCK representatives are obviously head and shoulders better than their Vietnamese contemporaries, but unless they get on the same page and play to the best of their ability they will run the risk of getting upset.

Their individual performance is still as stellar as it gets, but whenever they transition into the mid and later stages of the game they do tend to fumble, and it’s a worrying trend, to say the least.

Be that as it may, we couldn’t possibly bet against them at this point, even though their play does leave a bit to be desired.

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | SGB vs. T1 Predictions:
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