2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | T1 vs. G2 Predictions and Match Analysis

As far as predictions go, T1 vs. G2 is a veritable nightmare. We’re talking about two astonishingly capable teams, both of which are destined to leave a mark in some way, shape, or form.

The LCK legends are obviously favored, but the gap between them and G2 might not be as large or insurmountable as we initially believed. T1 are the biggest tournament favorites for a very good reason, although it still remains to be seen how well they’ll fare against the likes of Royal Never Give Up and G2 — two teams that (at least to a certain degree) share their staggering potential.

It’s been a hot minute since the last time we saw these two organizations clash off on the international stage and, needless to say, we’re excited beyond measure for what’s to come!

Who’ll come out ahead, however, is anyone’s guess. We really cannot stress that enough.

T1 are better and more versatile on paper, but G2 have that “X factor.” Now, we know, it’s a fancy term at heart and no one likes using it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s incorrect. They’re crazy and, at times, a big unhinged. And it is precisely that creativity of theirs that will give them a puncher’s chance against one of the very best teams the world of competitive League of Legends has to offer.

T1 vs. G2 Predictions | A Lot More Even Than It Looks

Both teams have a shot at emerging victorious. T1 might have an edge overall, but G2 are not the kind to go down without a fight, and they’re versatile and flexible enough to actually push T1 to the very brink of defeat.

Interestingly enough, G2 have historically been better than the LCK giants as far as their head-to-head record is concerned, although that, naturally, means very little as their line-ups changed tremendously over the years; it’s not viable information, although it certainly does loom in the air, making this particular match-up all the more exciting.

We’re going to side with T1 for reasons that need no explaining. Their line-up is one of the most capable and dangerous in the history of competitive League of Legends — and that’s really saying something.

They might not be that much better than the LEC representatives, but better they almost certainly are. Then again, this opening game will be a most important litmus test for both teams and it could, by all means, set the stage for what’s to come further down the line.

In any case, expect absolute chaos from start to finish!

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Betting | T1 vs. G2 Predictions:
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