2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble Stage Betting | T1 vs. PSG Predictions and Match Analysis

As far as predictions go, T1 vs. PSG is pretty much a foregone conclusion. And, well, we’re glad for that being the case as we’re always on the lookout for “easy wins.”

This year’s Mid-Season Invitational will long be remembered for many different things, but chiefly for its number of lopsided mismatches and tremendous beatdowns. The gap between the very best teams in the world and everyone else is simply far too big. The meta is flexible, but the sheer number of viable picks and strategies cannot offset someone’s lack of talent or overall potential.

Royal Never Give Up, T1, and G2 Esports all stand tall, seemingly untouchable. Evil Geniuses then slots in at fourth place which, frankly, is a pretty acceptable result given their overall inexperience and the fact that they have two “greenhorns” under their banner.

Then, in fifth and sixth, we have PSG Talon and Saigon Buffalo, respectively. They’re good, but nowhere near good enough to tango with their more capable peers. At their best, they can definitely keep up, but their best is seldom seen.

And, well, if they failed to rub shoulders with a team as flawed as Evil Geniuses, what hope do they have of competing with a towering giant like T1?

T1 vs. PSG Predictions | Truly Lopsided

These two teams hail from vastly different regions so it should really come as no surprise that they have such different “power levels.” PSG have done fairly well given the circumstances, although it’s fair to say that the loss of Kim “River” Dong-woo and Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang lowered their skill ceiling and, by proxy, potential.

Be that as it may, they’re still an okay challenger that can, at times, exceed expectations. T1’s losses to G2 and Royal Never Give Up were as close as it gets so don’t think they’re all of a sudden a subpar contender — quite the contrary!

They’re still one of the most dangerous teams at this year’s MSI and will surely make a statement against the PCS representatives.

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble Stage Betting | T1 vs. PSG Predictions:
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