2022 Mid-Season Invitational Knockout Stage Betting | RNG vs. EG Predictions and Match Analysis

Predictions for RNG vs. EG will surely be unanimous. There’s not a soul alive that thinks that the LCS representatives actually stand a chance against the reigning Mid-Season Invitational champions.

Unlike with T1 and G2, there’s not a gap between them, but rather a canyon. There’s really no other way to put it.

We have one team that is stacked from top to bottom and another that has barely scraped by. That, naturally, isn’t a recipe for a barnburner nor a Best of 5 that’ll go down in the history books. Evil Geniuses might be able to put up a fight, but win they almost certainly will not.

Now, make no mistake: Royal Never Give Up are neither perfect nor infallible, but even in their “flawed” state they’re still miles better than Evil Geniuses. They have more talent, more experience, and a much, much higher skill ceiling when compared to their North American adversaries.

They are, quite literally, one of the very best teams in the history of the game.

Evil Geniuses, in comparison, is a feisty contender that can, at times, put up a fight. Nothing more, nothing less. We, for one, don’t mind that one bit — their line-up was never assembled with the intention of winning the Mid-Season Invitational or upending the worldwide status quo.

They’ve performed at a very respectable level (for a team with two rookies) and have done more than enough for us to get hyped in regards to their future and potential Worlds appearance.

Royal Never Give Up, however, are a cut above. They’re cut from a different (championship-worthy) cloth, and they know it, too.

RNG vs. EG Predictions | Not on the Same Level

We had a few reservations about RNG coming into the tournament. Bin was and still is somewhat of a weak link. He’s exploitable, in all fairness, although the severity of this issue varies wildly from one game to the next. Wei, too, has had his ups and downs, although most of them have been dealt with if his MSI performances are anything to go by.

The reason why we’re saying this is because, given the right preparation (and execution), RNG could, by all means, be punished for their overaggressiveness. And the formula for punishing them isn’t nearly as complex as they’d like it to be.

G2 did it, T1 did it, and if they could do it once they sure could do it again.

Fortunately for RNG, Xiaohu, GALA, and Ming have been “bulletproof.” They make so few mistakes it doesn’t even make sense. They’re not necessarily perfect, but they are pretty darn close to it.

The only team that could, in theory, punish them — or outplay them, rather — is T1. Evil Geniuses have neither the depth nor the experience which are necessary for the job. And, well, no one should be overly surprised for that being the case. The gap between them is humongous and the sheer fact that EG have even gotten this far warrants ample praise and commendation — the odds were always stacked against them and yet they still managed to “make waves” and leave some kind of a mark.

EG could, in theory, punish RNG’s tendencies, the likes of which are both well-known and obvious. They’re “creatures of habit;” they go for the same drafts, same plays, same strategies over and over because, in all fairness, they almost always work.

They have their biggest comfort picks and they’ll rarely venture out of their comfort zone unless they are pushed, either in the pick and ban phase or, alternatively, in the game itself.

Now, we don’t think that EG have what it takes to actually give RNG a run for their money, but their prep is stellar and they can, at times, exceed expectations. Plus, they have nothing to lose and that may well end up serving as a hefty boon to their performance.

Take Saigon Buffalo for instance; their play improved tenfold the very moment their destiny was sealed. That could happen with Evil Geniuses as well, although we doubt it’ll be enough against a towering giant like Royal Never Give Up.

Be that as it may, a fun scrap is all but guaranteed!

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Knockout Stage Betting | RNG vs. EG Predictions:
Royal Never Give Up!
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