2022 Mid-Season Invitational Knockout Stage Betting | T1 vs. G2 Predictions and Match Analysis

T1 vs. G2 — a clash of titans, and a most exquisite series that could, by all means, go the five-game distance. It’s not a likely occurrence, given their vastly different trajectories and performances, but no one should be overly surprised if the winningest LEC team of all time comes out the gates swinging and pushes T1 to the very brink of defeat.

The “Kings of Europe” always put on a show in Best of 5s. It has happened so many times in the past that it’d be crazy of us to count them out before they’ve even stepped foot on stage to compete over in Busan, South Korea.

They’re not favored to accomplish much, and, well, that, too, was expected given just how incredible T1 have looked throughout the tail end of the Rumble Stage.

They weren’t perfect, granted, but they weren’t far off either, and if there’s one team capable and layered enough to tango with Royal Never Give Up — and perhaps even go the “whole nine yards” — it’s T1.

The only questions now pertain to G2: have they fixed their most glaring issues? What will their drafts look like? Will Flakked and Targamas once again rub shoulders with what most deem as the best bottom lane duo in the world? Will caPs keep on dominating — will his individual performance end up making a big enough difference?

We’ll find out soon enough.

T1 vs. G2 Predictions — Incredibly Competitive

The thing is, T1 have fewer holes in their game. They’re not as reliant on certain picks like G2 are. Take Broken Blade, for instance. On Ornn, he’s an absolute, unstoppable force of nature. On anything else, he’s a capable but wholly flawed top laner, one who’s not good enough to compete on even footing with T1’s Zeus.

The same goes for Flakked who, for a good while, looked like one of the best AD carries at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational. But he looked as good as he did only because he had a beefy frontline and was given room to maneuver on Kai’Sa, a champion that is currently as broken as they come.

Whenever that particular champion was banned out (or, conversely, taken from him), Flakked struggled to leave a mark and truly push his team over the finish line. He is by no means one-dimensional, but he does excel at certain picks more than he does on others.

And, unlike the many teams G2 had faced back on home soil, T1 will not let the have their most prominent champions and “tools” with which they could, potentially, find success.

That doesn’t mean G2 are just going to “roll over” and surrender, but it does complicate things quite a bit. G2’s drafts are also, at times, ego-driven. Not to the same extent as was the case with Team Vitality, but it has served as a hindrance during the second half of the Group Stage.

Have they “located” their most exploitable flaws? And, if so, have they found a way to ameliorate these issues, some of which may prove to be most fatal? These are things we’re all wondering, and there’s really no way to know given whom we’re talking about.

G2 Esports do things differently. There’s no rhyme or reason behind their actions, for better and worse.

T1 vs. G2 Predictions — A Lot Closer Than It Looks

T1, incredible though they are, do have a few weak links and flaws which G2 could potentially exploit. We’re grasping at straws here, but by no means are they as infallible as a certain part of the community would want you to believe.

Gumayusi, widely regarded as one of the very best AD carries to ever grace the stage, has been quite… middling. He has, in all fairness, stepped up near the very end of the Group Stage, but we nonetheless have a sour taste in our mouths after witnessing his many egregious mistakes and blunders.

Zeus, on the other hand, has been the absolute best-performing top laner at the tournament and it’s not even remotely close. That, in and of itself, is quite a surprise. And, well, the fact that T1 can now win through basically every single lane means they could, by all means, be considered as the biggest frontrunners to go the distance and dethrone Royal Never Give Up.

Whether that’ll end up happening still remains to be seen, but they are, without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest threat remaining.

The onus will be on G2 to perform, to push the limits, to exceed expectations, and to bring T1 down into deep waters. They have the tools for the job, but we’re not fully convinced they’ll be able to use said tools appropriately and on cue.

Their five-game losing streak hurt their stock in every way imaginable. They had all the hype in the world and it crashed and burned seemingly overnight. Their confidence, therefore, must be in shambles — ours would be, too.

They’re a momentum-based team and while we know they’ll bounce back in some capacity, we don’t think it’ll be enough against a towering giant like T1 — a team that seems destined to go up against Royal Never Give Up in the grand finals on Sunday.

It’ll be insanely close, though, so prepare copious amounts of popcorn and enjoy the show!

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Knockout Stage Betting | T1 vs. G2 Predictions:
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