2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble Stage Betting | G2 vs. T1 Predictions and Match Analysis

Predictions for G2 vs. T1 will surely be all over the place and, well, it’s easy to understand why: they’re separated by the slimmest of margins! And that, as far as betting is concerned, is not necessarily a good thing. In fact, the set-up itself is a bona fide nightmare.

Lopsided mismatches are never fun to watch but at least they’re easy to predict. Games like these, on the other hand, are totally up in the air and will, therefore, be decided by the most minute details.

G2 already hold a win over T1. That particular game was by no means clean or commanding, but they did get the job done which, frankly, is the only thing that matters. T1 had the edge in the early game but, as is so often the case, happened to have dropped the ball once they had to snowball their lead to victory.

The LEC representatives had a much better team comp (one that scaled beautifully) and were able to capitalize and punish in the most mind-blowing of ways. They were the better team on the day but by no means does that mean they’ll be able to replicate that same success this time around as well.

The second thing worth noting is that T1, although undeniably talented and obscenely dangerous, have somewhat regressed. We still can’t fully explain it, but they’re not as decisive or commanding as we’ve come to expect.

They still create the biggest of leads through their laning and overall individual prowess, but when it comes to translating their advantages into objectives (and, eventually, a win), they’ve been a fair bit more hesitant than expected.

And, well, we’re not quite sure why.

If they show the same kind of reservedness against G2, they are bound to get obliterated — and they know it, too. That is yet another element and factor that makes this particular game an absolute must watch!

G2 vs. T1 | As Even As It Gets

G2 looked a fair bit worse yesterday (hence their two losses), but much of the same can be said for T1 as well. They didn’t make any egregious mistakes per se, but they did not look relative to everyone’s expectations.

A sloppy game with numerous slip-ups is not something you’d expect from as legendary a team as T1 — who are still one of the biggest favorites to go the “whole nine yards.” Their record, however, isn’t all that promising, and unless they find a way to thrive in the highly anticipated Best of 5 setting, they simply won’t be able to compete and come out ahead.

The meta has shifted (in a nuanced but still crucial way), and their mid-game indecisiveness may prove to be a far bigger issue than we initially believed. Time will tell.

We’ll go with G2 on this one; hopefully they’ll tryhard in much the same fashion as was the case a few days ago. Then again, one can never be too certain with the LEC champions.

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble Stage Betting | G2 vs. T1 Predictions:
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