2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble Stage Betting | PSG vs. G2 Predictions and Match Analysis

As far as predictions go, PSG vs. G2 is about as complicated and volatile as it gets. The LEC representatives, in their most peculiar and well-known way, have thrown us yet another curve ball. And, well, no one’s all too happy for it being the case.

After dropping the ball against PSG Talon, they then proceeded to draft the most idiosyncratic team comp imaginable against none other than Royal Never Give Up. It was a decision that made no sense whatsoever, but that, too, is a part of their M.O.

The strategy itself (or approach, rather) was pretty solid overall, but their execution (both individual and team-wide) definitely wasn’t.

And so now we are left to wonder: were their last two wins the result of them getting complacent? Did PSG and RNG find a few chinks in their armor? Have the LEC champions been “exposed?” These are all incredibly important questions, and while some of them might be a bit sensationalistic in nature, they are by no means unwarranted.

One thing’s for certain: it wasn’t a good look.

PSG vs. G2 | Up in the Air

This is undoubtedly the most fascinating game of the day. We are, naturally, leaning more towards G2, but are nonetheless wary of PSG pulling off the seemingly impossible yet again.

They’re not on the same level as the LEC representatives, but that matters very little if G2 end up fooling around and doing a bit of “limit testing” — something for which they are so well known for.

We fully believe that G2 will look to “get one back” at PSG and, in doing so, find a bit of redemption, but we, too, have no idea how things will shake out once these two teams take the stage in Busan and start trading the heaviest of blows.

If everything goes “according to plan,” G2 Esports will come out victorious. That is the most likely scenario and is, therefore, the one we’re going to bet on.

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble Stage Betting | PSG vs. G2 Predictions:
G2 Esports!
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