2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble Stage Betting | RNG vs. G2 Predictions and Match Analysis

Predictions RNG vs. G2 will surely be all over the place and, well, it’s easy to understand why: they’re separated by the slimmest of margins! That, while certainly surprising, cannot be overstated.

G2 are far more dangerous than anyone had expected coming into the tournament and are currently one of the biggest favorites to win this year’s Mid-Season Invitational and, in doing so, write a page of the history books.

They’ve won over twenty games in a row. That, too, boggles the mind. And it speaks volumes about their overall potential and ability to perform on the biggest of stages. Their coaching staff also deserves a metric ton of praise — G2’s drafts have been downright spectacular.

They always have the tools that are necessary for the job, and they also know how to use them, too.

They’re flexible and creative beyond measure, and their wins over T1 and Royal Never Give Up serve as proof. They were by no means flukes but rather an indication of just how good they really are and how much more focused they are now that history is “within reach.”

RNG vs. G2 Predictions | A Clash of Giants

Royal Never Give Up, to their credit, bounced back quite nicely (at the expense of the LCK champions). It was by no means a perfect showing, but they got the job done and persevered in the early game so they did about as well as they could given the circumstances.

They’re immensely talented. Of that we’re all aware. They’re not, however, as decisive and in sync as G2 Esports. They’re also not as versatile and have shown a most confusing proclivity for overstepping and giving away small advantages at the most random of moments.

It seems that G2, at least right now, are the better team. That doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to win (far from it), but they do have a shot, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they’ll once again be able to pull off the seemingly impossible.

2022 Mid-Season Invitational Rumble Stage Betting | RNG vs. G2 Predictions:
G2 Esports!
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