Astralis vs. Fnatic Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 13 Match Analysis

Astralis Vs Fnatic ESL Pro League

Unfortunately, one round before the end, we already know who’s going through to the playoffs, one way or another. Astralis,, and Team Liquid are the three group D teams who will get a chance to play in the playoffs. However, we still don’t know who’s going to the play-in stage; all three teams can still top the group.

However, Astralis depend on their result and nothing else. If they defeat Fnatic, they’re through to the play-in stage where they await either Heroic, NiP, or Gambit.

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But, if Astralis lose, then the winner of vs. Liquid will have a chance to qualify for the semifinals right away.

Our Astralis vs. Fnatic predictions will go at the usual pace – a bit of background on both sides, map pool stats, in-form players and all that good stuff. We have plenty of work so why don’t we dig right in!

Astralis vs. Fnatic Predictions

Obviously, Fnatic, Endpoint and Evil Geniuses are out of the equation. Still, that doesn’t mean Fnatic will take the easy road out and let Astralis take the W tomorrow.

We’re talking about two fierce Scandinavian teams here, and CSGO is big up there.

There’s this thing called pride, and you can bet Brollan and the boys will fancy the scalp just to take Astralis down from the top spot, even though it doesn’t give them any sort of advantage in the event.

Map Pool Stats

But, it will be all but straightforward for the Swedish side. You see, Fnatic have been solid on Mirage and Train lately. The thing is, Mirage is Astralis’ permaban and Train is one of their stronger maps… despite the fact they’ve lost two in the last four scenarios. So yeah, if we’re going to conclude our Astralis vs. Fnatic tips on a stats-driven note, we have to account for Astralis’ map pool superiority.


Form-wise, Fnatic have been rather disappointing lately. They had come into this tournament with just one win in their last five outings. However, they’ve picked up three more losses here, winning just one match, against EG of all teams.

As for Astralis, they had a hiccup against EG, but it all turned out perfectly for them as they’ve defeated both top-spot contenders, and Liquid. Even though Astralis is far from the ideal form, they’re still miles above Fnatic and should prove that fact tomorrow.

Yessir, our Astralis vs. Fnatic picks are swaying more and more towards the Great Danes. But, we’re not going to conclude anything just yet. Let’s see if KRiMZ’s or Brollan’s individual dominance can swing the odds in their favor!

Individual Aspects

KRiMZ is in fine form, which I have to point out. Brollan has been good too, though I’ve noticed that the roster as a whole is in an absolute mess consistency-wise. That ought to hurt them against Astralis, there’s no doubt about it!

What about the Great Danes?

Who’s running the show on their end? You’ve guessed it, it’s Device! The 25-year-old Danish AWPer is enjoying excellent KPR and has been the most impactful Astralis player over the last few months. Dupreeh has been in fine form too. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Xyp9x. The clutch master is still trying to find his pace following his absence from the first roster.

Even if he doesn’t show up, I’m positive Astralis can steal the show and qualify for the play-in!

I guess that’s all I had in store for you, boys and girls. If you’re going to bet on CSGO today, it might as well be on the following:

Astralis vs. Fnatic Betting Predictions
Astralis to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

Yessir, the return is not that good here.

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You’ll have to invest $323 to earn $100. I mean, it’s not terrible, but it’s not exactly something to write home about.

Still, I see no way Astralis throw this one away and risk placement in the play-in stage. Seeing the top-ranking teams in each group, Astralis should skip the playoffs all the way to the semifinals… unless they make a flop against Fnatic tomorrow, that is.

That’d be all for our Astralis vs. Fnatic predictions, ladies and gentlemen!

Until next time…

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