Astralis vs. Fnatic Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Betting Predictions

Astralis vs. Fnatic Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Betting Predictions

Astralis vs. Fnatic predictions are next up on our bucket list, as I’m sure there are many esports betting enthusiasts early waiting for the next round of ESL One: Road to Rio EU matches. Luckily, the wait is almost up – group A is coming back with three matches, all three of which feature solid contests.

Obviously, the biggest matchup is the one we’re focusing on today; the one between Astralis and Fnatic. After all, according to world rankings, we’re talking about the second and fifth-best teams in the world. Nope, not in Europe – worldwide!

Considering the fact all esports bookmakers are experiencing growing demand for esports wagers, it takes no genius to realize the massive influx of newcomers to the esports betting niche. With that in mind, let’s take a few moments and go through the basics of online betting just so we’re all on the same level, ahead of our Astralis vs. Fnatic predictions!

How to Bet on ESL One: Road to Rio | CS:GO Betting Tips

You’re wondering if CS:GO betting is the right thing for you? You’d like to place a few CS:GO bets and take the whole online betting thing for a spin but you’re absolutely stunned in terms of setting everything up?

No worries – you’re not the first (nor will you be the last) person to stumble upon such issues. Luckily, there are numerous CS:GO betting guides out there, most of which do a fairly good job of explaining the basics. Feel free to inspect our how to bet on CS:GO piece. It’s concise but highly informative, just like you like ‘em!

If you’re too lazy to read through the entire guide, check out these two bullet lists and I’m sure you’ll get the gist of it:


  • Only trust cold hard facts and your own extensive research
  • Pay attention to the money you spend on CS:GO betting
  • Go all-in only when you sniff out a massive value somewhere
  • Be careful with lengthier accumulators


  • Don’t spend too much money on CS:GO betting
  • Don’t bet all the time, time your bets properly
  • Don’t limit yourself with match-winners
  • Don’t think CS:GO betting will make you a millionaire

Now that we’ve taken care of all that, let’s confront the main boss here – Astralis vs. Fnatic predictions!

Astralis vs. Fnatic Predictions

Let’s face it – Astralis vs. Fnatic is one of, if not the, biggest matchup we can think of right now. Obviously, Team Liquid vs. Astralis is unimaginable now, since there are no LAN events and the lag in an online match would be just too high.

The eternal Scandinavian CS:GO derby is getting another installment. Will it be as wicked and thrilling as others in their time? Well, I for one think it will! In fact, contests leading up to this match all suggest it will have all the makings of a proper thriller.

Head to Head Matches

These two teams go a long way…We’re talking about the never-ending Danish-Swedish rivalry that stretches far longer than most of you can imagine. Believe it or not, this will be the 130th time they face off, and the Great Danes have only the slightest of winning margins – five. Yep, 129 head to head matches played thus far, and Astralis is winning by five.

Here’s a closer look:

Astralis vs. Fnatic Predictions and Head to Head Stats

The last head to head matchup might be the most important one. It happened during the second ESL Pro League S11 Eu phase when Fnatic destroyed Astralis in what was a brilliant display of the entire Fnatic roster, especially JW who was the key player behind Fnatic’s victory.

A Few Words on Form in General

Many still consider Astralis the best team in the world, despite the fact they haven’t won a single notable event since BLAST Pro Series Global Final in December last year. Even though Astralis’ form has slightly dipped since then, they’re still enjoying themselves out there. With four wins in the last five matches, Astralis is still a force to be reckoned with… Brollan and the company will have to beware of the sheer power device and his Great Danes possess.

As for Fnatic, they’ve been absolutely brilliant over the course of the last month or so. In fact, they are the only team that manages to beat top ten teams relatively consistently. Take Fnatic’s last month’s matches as the perfect example – Fnatic won against Astralis (VERY IMPORTANT), Mousesports (twice), and NaVi. They also lost against ENCE and OG, which are arguably easier teams to play against…

Individually, Device and magisk are in great forms on one end; while Brollan and KRIMZ are leading the charge on the other end. It’s difficult to call a winner when it comes to on-paper qualities, that’s for sure! Be that as it is, I feel like we’ve already gone through everything important. The only thing left to do is to give you guys some concrete Astralis vs. Fnatic predictions and call it a day!

Wrapping Everything Up

Now that we’ve comprehensively analyzed both teams, their recent performances, individual caveats, and head to head matches, it’s time to wrap everything up and present you with the final Astralis vs. Fnatic predictions!

Needless to say, this was always going to be a difficult match to predict. If Mousesports hadn’t won against Astralis last month and eliminated them from ESL Pro League, I would’ve definitely gone with The Great Danes against Fnatic. But, since we’re looking at in-form Fnatic here, led by the mighty new Swedish star Brollan, anything could happen.

For that reason, I have two CS:GO betting opportunities to share with you here. First one – avoid this match. I’m not even kidding – these two teams are just too close to call. They will go guns blazing on all fronts right from the kickoff, and knowing their qualities (both individual and collective), nuances will be the deciding factors.

The second option is to go with total maps over 2.5 at -110. The odds aren’t the greatest, I know, but It would be really surprising if these two sides finish without going to the deciding map. Their map pools are rock solid, meaning both of them should take their picks. The question remains – which team will win the decider map… and unfortunately, I just can’t tell them apart.

Astralis vs. Fnatic Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5
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