Astralis vs. FURIA Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 13 Match Analysis

Astralis Vs Furia ESL Pro League

What a wonderful start to this week’s CSGO esports madness this has been! Astralis lost to Gambit, Heroic stomped over NiP! Now we’re back into the playoffs, following the six remaining teams on their way to ESL Pro League S13 glory.

Since you’re here, online CSGO betting ought to be of interest.

It’s nothing surprising:
Betting on esports online is slowly (but surely) making its way into the mainstream. If that’s what you’re here for, I’m happy to inform you you’re at the right place. In the remainder of this piece, you’ll learn a great deal about this matchup. No worries, concrete Astralis vs. FURIA betting predictions can be found down below.

That said, let’s dive into the action and see what Astralis and FURIA are all about!

Astralis vs. FURIA Predictions

Here we have another fine clash, boys and girls! Astralis, following a surprising loss to Gambit in the play-in stage, have to battle their way through the quarterfinals against FURIA… FURIA fuming with confidence, to be more precise.

It’s going to be a thrilling match, really.

On one end we have what’s surely the superior collective; on the other end we have an in-form set of players who will give their 120% for another scalp. Which of them will advance to the next step and face off against Heroic in the semifinals? Keep on reading and you’ll have a better idea!


Astralis have been near-perfect in the group stage. Sure, at times they didn’t look that superb, but four wins in five matches were just enough to place them in the play-in stage. But, they got their ass whooped by an unlikely contender, Gambit. I mean, we all knew Gambit was a good team, but I honestly didn’t expect them to cut through Astralis like a knife through butter…

As for FURIA, they struggled more than they should have in the group stage. But, cometh the hour, cometh the man… and my oh my, did these players step up for the occasion in the most critical of times. Two splendid wins in the playoffs. First, a hard-fought contest against FPX that went the extra distance. Then, another intense matchup, this time against G2. They’re looking fine out there, and will definitely be hoping for another massive scalp to add to their list.

What about head-to-head matches?

Well, these two did play a match last December. Astralis reigned supreme with 2:0 on the scoreboard… but, that was before Junior and honda arrived and brought that much-needed stability to FURIA’s core.

So yeah, we have to take that h2h result with a grain of salt and tread carefully into the remainder of our Astralis vs. FURIA predictions!

Map Pool Stats

Remember those good old times when Astralis were basically impossible to play against on Nuke? Well, those times are long gone… These days, their best maps are Dust 2 and Vertigo. Train has been solid too, but that’s about it as far as statistically solid maps go for Astralis.

FURIA, on the other hand, have a relatively deep map pool but don’t really excel at any map except Train… and that one they’ve played just four times in the last three months, so it’s not that wide of a selection anyways.

So, what can we conclude here?

Honestly, not much! Astralis will probably ban Mirage; FURIA is likely to Dust 2. Those are the only two things we can safely conclude here.

Individual Aspects

Both teams are known for relying on team cohesion above everything else. Sure, device steps up to the forefront every once in a while, but for the most part, Astralis’ wins have been the direct result of their excellent teamwork.

Please Note:
The same can be said about FURIA! The Brazilians, even with all roster alterations they’ve gone through recently, still stick with their core philosophy – a proper strategy! Thanks to a deep map pool and a set of players that are capable of playing off each other no matter who’s on the receiving end, not many teams can consistently get the better of them.

But, I suppose Astralis isn’t your average team; at times, they’re magical… and it’s that in-game magic they’ll need if they are to turn a new page following that nasty 2:0 defeat to Gambit.

Astralis vs. FURIA Betting Predictions
Astralis to Win 2:0!

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How can I be so sure this one will end with 2:0 on the scoreboard for Astralis?

Well, even though the map pool stats suggest a tighter matchup, you have to understand Astralis is coming into this match with an agonizing pain of the play-in stage loss to Gambit. Device and the boys will use the match against FURIA as an exhaust pipe for their rage. We can expect a match packed with outstanding moves from the Great Danes. Everything points out to a successful run for them, which is why I’m joining the hype train with such an aggressive wager.

At +165, Astralis vs. FURIA picks should prepare us for the business end of the contest!
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