Astralis vs. G2 Betting Predictions | DreamHack Winter Match Analysis

Astralis Vs G2 DreamHack Masters Winter

CSGO betting is everywhere, especially in times like these with an abundance of top-tier competitions. Flashpoint S2 is live, BLAST Premier Showdown has just ended, and DreamHack Masters Winter is already in full flow. That’s not all – BLAST Premier Fall Finals are coming right up too! If you’re a CSGO betting enthusiast, December is your month!

We’ve gathered here to talk about one match in particular! Our Astralis vs. G2 predictions focus on the highly anticipated lower bracket clash where Astralis has another giant on their hands. Device and the boys stomped over Team Liquid – is G2 just another team on their chopping order?

Well, I reckon we’ll see a much closer contest than Astralis vs. Liquid. G2 is a much more serious team, especially now that NiKo has settled in. Astralis vs. G2 predictions will be tough to call because this is an absolute cracker of a matchup!

But, should you bet on such a close encounter? Heck, should you bet on DreamHack Masters Winter at all seeing as it’s an online event?

More on that right below!

Should I Bet on DreamHack Masters Winter?

Well, this is not a case of whether or not you like close encounters; this is all about if you’re willing enough to take the risk and invest in a high-value bet. Yep – there’s plenty of value to be found here. Don’t get me wrong, this one could very easily go either way… but that’s what our Astralis vs. G2 predictions are here to examine.

If we’re thorough enough; if we recognize the right statistical trends, we might just get to the bottom of this one!

So yea, long story short – you should bet on DreamHack Masters Winter<!

Astralis vs. G2 Predictions

I guess it’s time to kick things off! Astralis vs. G2 – we’re looking at the replay of BLAST Premier Fall group stage finals. G2 was the dominant team in that one, finishing off with a clean 2:0 win on Dust and Nuke.  It’s safe to say NiKo was the deciding factor in that match, having accumulated 57 kills on two maps.

I’m not trying to belittle the contribution of others, but parts of that match were a one-man show, for sure!

But, that match didn’t really mean that much since both Astralis and G2 were already clear through to the Season Finals. This time around, winner takes all baby… and both of these teams will be eyeing the spot against Gambit in the quarterfinals.


G2 should’ve defeated FURIA! That second map saw NiKo rise to greatness with unbelievable 33/17 K/D! But he disappeared on Nuke. Perhaps it would’ve been different if G2 had gotten the CT side in the first half. Perhaps that would’ve allowed NiKo to strut his stuff and clinch the playoffs… But, it’s all should’ve, would’ve, could’ve – let’s turn our attention back to concrete stuff otherwise we might stray too far off Astralis vs. G2 predictions!

Astralis will be pleased with their performance against Team Liquid. Vertigo was much closer than they had hoped, but Inferno was nothing but a casual walk in the park for Device and the boys. That match against GODSENT must’ve raised red flags in Astralis camp. Let’s hope they’ve learned their lesson and won’t succumb to the pressure against NiKo and the G2 boys.

Individual Stats

Device is always the primary fragger for Astralis. Sure, gla1ve or Magisk step up for the occasion here and there, but Device is the man Astralis relies on as far as fragging is concerned. G2, on the other hand, has several players that have the ability to decide matches singlehandedly. The first one is obviously NiKo – if he gets things rolling, there’s no way you can stop him. HuNter and KennyS are dangerous too. They can start snowballing seemingly out of nowhere, which is what makes them so darn frightening.

Map Pool Stats

Statistically, Astralis is the superior team here… but stats don’t tell the full story here since NiKo brings a whole new level to G2’s gameplay on some maps. Ideally, I’d like to see these two square off on Dust2 and Nuke again. As for the third map, I think we could see Vertigo. Both teams are fond of it, although G2 doesn’t have the greatest record on it.

Who knows – perhaps they have some new starts up their sleeves.

Astralis and G2 played six head to head matches this year. Astralis was the winner on four occasions. However, the last time these two faced off (a month ago), Astralis took the L following NiKo’s exceptional performance. Can the brilliant Bosnian do it again? Well, he’ll definitely have to step up a notch because that Nuke display was not that good.

All in all, here’s what I’m going with here:

Astralis vs. G2 Betting Predictions
Astralis to Win!

Astralis are the favorites here, and rightly so! I’m still puzzled as to how they managed to lose that opening-round match against GODSENT. Since then, though, they’ve been looking pretty fine to me. If Device gets rolling in the first few rounds, I say it’s game over for NiKo and the boys!

As I’ve stated in the intro, Astralis vs. G2 predictions will be insanely difficult to call. Just because I’m going with Astralis here doesn’t mean you should too. If you don’t trust the stats, if you’ve found value elsewhere, it’s okay to mix things up. A fine alternative to match-winner Astralis is total maps over 2.5 at -106. Two in the last three head-to-head matchups went to the final map, and the same scenario here wouldn’t be surprising.

Thanks for being my guest all the way through…

Donnie out!

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