Astralis vs. Heroic Betting Predictions | DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Match Analysis

Astralis Vs Heroic Dreamhack

My oh my, we have a fine match here, a proper Danish clash to lo and behold. Even though Scandinavian CSGO seems to be in slight decline, the two best teams still belong to the highermost echelons of competitive CSGO.

At the moment, Heroic are ranked as the second-best CSGO team in the world.

But Astralis in the third place aren’t that far behind. This just means our job with Astralis vs. Heroic predictions won’t be easy – second vs. third-best team in the world, we have quite the task ahead of us!

Astralis vs. Heroic Predictions

But, we have to start somewhere so it might as well be with the most recent results!

Most Recent Results

The most recent results should always be on the top of your priority list before placing CSGO bets. That’s the least you can do in the research phase. But, we’ll be doing much more than that here. Our Astralis vs. Heroic picks are going to as in-depth as usual!

Which of these two has been better thus far this year?

Heroic is the obvious answer; they won ESL Pro League S13 and played semifinals on CS_Summit 7. That’s slightly better than Astralis’ second place on BLAST Premier Global Final, surely!

Map Pool Stats

Things just aren’t looking good for Astralis here. The only map they’re consistently good at, Dust 2, is Heroic’s permaban. But, Astralis won on Vertigo, Inferno, and Nuke on this event, which means they might have more aces up their sleeves than we think they do.

Please Note:
That shouldn’t really phase cadiaN and the Heroic lads. Overpass is probably their safest bet against Astralis, the map they’re likely to go for as their pick. If it goes to the third map, Heroic seems like the more complete team. They’re solid across the board and should clinch the W here.

Individual Aspects

Am I really going to side with Heroic here? I mean, device is no longer a part of Astralis, Bubzkji is not exactly at the highest level yet, and let’s face it – Magisk can’t do everything by himself. Even though Astralis have two consecutive wins without their lucky charm, I just can’t see them doing well in the grand scheme of things.

Heroic still doesn’t have a single standout player.

They are still among the most balanced teams out there… and it’s just working for them.

They’ve been absolutely fuming with confidence since the start of the year, and I’m pretty sure they are going to take this opportunity and establish themselves as the best Danish CSGO team in 2021.

That said, I reckon Heroic has the individual superiority here! If we combine that with everything we’ve said about both sides thus far, our final Astralis vs. Heroic picks are pretty logical:

Astralis vs. Heroic Betting Predictions
Heroic to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

Yep, I’ve lived to see the day Heroic gets labeled as the favorites against Astralis. Not only that; I’ve also lived to see the day Astralis don’t have Device in their starting roster. We’re living in weird times, lads, that’s for sure!

Back to Astralis vs. Heroic tips, the situation here is quite clear – Heroic have the upper edge and are in far better form than Xyp9x and the lads.

Plus, even though Bubzkji has been pretty solid thus far, I doubt he’ll ace the first real test.

That’s enough for me to opt for Heroic to win here.

A simple match-winner is all I was able to find here, so you’ll have to make do with that. As always, thanks for reading all the way through.

Have a great weekend lads!

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