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Astralis Vs Heroic

Hello and welcome to our in-depth analysis of the upcoming Danish battle AKA our Astralis vs. Heroic predictions. It’s another one of our ESL Pro League Season 12 betting picks focusing on the fourth and last quarterfinals matchup. What we’re looking at here are two top-notch teams from Denmark, Astralis and Heroic. Both had their ups and downs in 2020, both had a satisfactory group stage result, and both will be looking to remain in the upper bracket.

At the first glance, Astralis is the obvious favorite here. I mean, come on – we’re talking about the team many still refer to as the GOAT. If that’s not a good reason to dub them as the favorites here, then I don’t know what is.

But, Heroic won’t settle for an easy match! They’re in it to win it, you can bet your ass on that! They didn’t let the HUNDEN drama faze them – they’ll be coming into this match with a whole lot of confidence, that’s guaranteed!

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Astralis vs. Heroic Predictions

Let’s talk business! You might think Astralis vs. Heroic predictions are straightforward – just bet on Astralis and call it a day. However, there’s a hefty dose of complexity here, much more than meets the eye at first glance.

So, let’s start unraveling the story and see where the stats take us!


Heroic’s start to group A was not good! They lost against ENCE and AGO in the opening week, and were looking like the prime elimination candidate at that point. However, they came back to life following a heroic (pardon the pun) victory against G2. They built more momentum as time went on, defeating both BIG and GODSENT. NaVi was too much to handle, but Heroic managed to clinch the playoffs in the final round by defeating OG.

Astralis’ group stage journey was much different.

As most of you know by now, Astralis lost the opening match against Complexity. That was a pretty massive surprise, especially because gla1ve was in the team. Bubzkji was the fifth man on the opening round, but was quickly replaced by es3tag in the remainder of the group stage. Astralis didn’t have any issues following their loss to Complexity. They aced group B with six consecutive wins and are looking to build upon that number against Heroic tomorrow.

Map Pool Depth

Astralis’ map pool is pretty confusing at the moment. With their six (seven?) man roster, it’s difficult to predict which maps are going to be their preferred picks. We can be fairly sure that es3tag will be their fifth man tomorrow, and his playstyle integrates the best on Dust 2 and Nuke.

Train’s been pretty good too – those are basically the three maps Astralis should feel comfortable on.

Heroic stands pretty good across the board… except Dust 2 which is their preferred ban. They’re not that good on Vertigo, which is a map Astralis is likely to push for. Heroic will either go with Mirage, Inferno, or Overpass. Assuming they take their map pick, the decider could be anyone’s guess, really…

Wrapping Things Up

It’s time to wrap up our Astralis vs. Heroic predictions! What is there to be concluded from the above featured information? Well, one thing is for sure – Astralis are the heavy favorites coming into this one. CSGO betting sites confirm the theory, having Astralis to win at -334.

That’s pretty low, especially considering Heroic’s heroic climb through the group stage.

That’s why I won’t be going with a simple match-winner on Astralis! Instead, I’ll be taking a much riskier route. Mind you, if you’re going with my pick, make sure to bet low. High stakes on high-risk bets won’t get you far.

Here’s what I’m going with:

Astralis vs. Heroic Predictions
Astralis to win 2:1!

Yep, correct score 2:1 in favor of Astralis is my pick for today! Heroic is likely to take a map off their Danish brothers. I have two main reasons behind this option:

  1. The last head to head match was rather close. It finished 2:0, I know, but one map went to overtime and the other went to the full length of thirty rounds.
  2. Heroic’s map pool is pretty solid – they can contest Astralis on most maps and have one or two options they should be superior on.

That’s all, folks! Those were my Astralis vs. Heroic predictions. Thanks for sticking till the very end!

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