Astralis vs. NaVi Predictions | ESL Pro League S11 EU Phase Two Picks

Astralis vs. NaVi Predictions | ESL Pro League S11 EU Phase Two Picks

Now that the final ESL Pro League decider matches are all done, it’s time to focus on the second phase. Yep, the European side of the table goes to the second group stage, the so-called Phase Two, while the North American iteration goes straight to the playoffs.

Today, we’re going to be focusing on the biggest first-round matchup featuring the winners of groups A and B. More precisely, this piece is focusing on fact-driven Astralis vs. NaVi predictions which ought to come in handy for everyone interested in esports betting online. And I reckon there’s plenty of interest folk these days considering the fact esports is basically the only decent thing you can bet on these days.

Astralis vs. NaVi Predictions

The second phase of ESL Pro League S11 EU features just one group of six teams. The best team advances straight to the grand finals while the second and third-place teams will have to earn their spot through the playoffs. The bottom three teams are eliminated.

If you’re reading this, then you must not only be interested in Astralis vs. NaVi predictions but in CS:GO betting in general. Since there’s a massive pandemic going on, lots of newcomers are entering the esports betting sphere, creating a massive demand for betting guides.

No worries, we got you covered – feel free to refer to our CS:GO betting guide for any questions you may have on starting your esports betting career. If you’re an advanced esports bettor and you’re passing up on that opportunity, I guess we can dive right into our Astralis vs. NaVi predictions!

Astralis Look Superb Once Again

At the moment, Natus Vincere is still the best team in the world, according to HLTV World Ranking. The Great Danes, AKA Astralis, are right behind them and will get back to the top if they end up winning the ESL Pro League Season 11 EU. But that’s not going to be easy; not at all!

Even though Astralis is (finally) looking good again, they still have minor issues that are plaguing their gameplay, even on some of their strongest maps like Train and Nuke. Lower-percentage maps like Overpass and Vertigo are becoming shakier than ever, and we can expect to see different tactics being deployed pretty soon. Perhaps even in the match against NaVi.

Device, with 1.23 K/D ratio in the last three months, is still the best individual performer in Astralis. Xyp9x, the clutch master himself, isn’t too far off from the 24-year-old Danish superstar. But, we all know Astralis’ strength lies in their teamwork and not in their individual performances… and that’s where they’ve been shining lately. If we’re not counting that terrible match against NiP, this event might even be Astralis’ best teamwork display in quite a while, and that’s exactly why I believe they’re the number one favorites to win this competition.

NaVi at the Top Spot

Enough about Astralis – let’s focus on what’s currently the best team in the world, the CIS monstrosity, Natus Vincere. As stated earlier, Astralis is a team that runs on teamwork, comprehensive tactics, and playing well off each other. NaVi does things completely differently, and it’s only logical with S1mple on their team. Yep, I’m still S1mple’s fanboy – and how could I not be, the guy is shining brighter and brighter with each passing match.

Check this out, S1mple has 1.46 K/D ratio over the course of the last fifty maps. Yep, not only is he a proper beast, he’s a properly consistent beast, a combination that’s well worthy of the #1 CS:GO player in the world title. But, is S1mple enough to keep NaVi at the top of the CS:GO food chain?

Well, I have to give credit where credit is due, and electronic and Booml4 have been a big part of NaVi’s recent success. I’ll dare to say as big as S1mple! But, then again, when S1mple plays well, everyone plays well. The opposing teams concentrate on him, and the rest of the team can pressure in free kills, almost at will.

Concrete CS:GO Betting Tips

That’s definitely something I’ve taken into consideration for my Astralis vs. NaVi predictions. You see, if there’s a team that won’t overly focus on S1mple and allow the rest of NaVi to push in on them, it’s Astralis!

But, the teams’ recent head to head matches don’t add up to our story. The last time Astralis won against NaVi was way back in May 2019 during BLAST Pro Series Madrid… and that was a nail-biter on Dust 2, which ended in a close 16-13 for the Great Danes.

Stats and recent head to head matches point in NaVi’s direction. In-form core and snowballing potential are on Astralis’ side. This was always going to be a tight contest, so it’s only logical to see CS:GO betting sites having nearly identical odds.

Considering all that, there’s only one way we can work this one out. There’s only one wager I’ll make for this one… and I’m sure plenty of you already know where I’m going with this. Yep, I’m going to do it – Total maps over 2.5 at -106. I know my totals’ form hasn’t been all that good lately, but I’m positive this is going to be a Firestarter!

Astralis vs. NaVi Predictions

Where to Bet on CS:GO Matches?

Now that you know a ton of behind the scenes info, courtesy of our Astralis vs. NaVi predictions, some of you must be wondering where they can test their luck and slap a few wagers in. No worries, we got your covered with our esports betting websites page.

It’s not just another list of random esports betting platforms. You know we’re not like that… we’re far better! Technically, there is a list… but it consists of only a few best betting websites that offer esports wagers. But, more importantly, it features a great dose of supporting information, mostly regarding the key characteristics of online bookmakers. It’s difficult to explain, so you better click on that link and check it out!

Which Teams Will Make it To the Playoffs?

Before answering this question, here’s a closer look at the six participating teams:

ESL Pro League S11 EU Standings

Even though Astralis seems to be struggling on some of their strongest maps, I reckon they’ll top the group if they manage to overcome Natus Vincere in the first round. Yes, FaZe, Mousesports, and the company are good teams, capable enough to pose as real threats, but the Great Danes should cruise to the top spot.

As far as the semifinal’s participants go, I’ll have my money on Mousesports and Natus Vincere. At the moment, NaVi, Mousesports, and Astralis are the toughest trio in the world. The European CS:GO scene is currently ruling the scene with an iron fist, and I honestly can’t see any NA team stepping up for the challenge… At least not in the foreseeable future.

With those words, I’d like to conclude our Astralis vs. NaVi predictions. I hope everyone managed to find what they were looking for in this piece. It’s been a pleasure dissecting this matchup with you…

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