Astralis vs. OG Betting Predictions | 2021 BLAST Premier Spring Group Stage Match Analysis

OG Vs Astralis Spring Blast Premier

What on Earth was that? NiP stomped over Astralis in the opening round, pushing them into the lower bracket for the remainder of the group and pinning them up against OG. The loser of this matchup is out of the equation; the loser has to look for its chances in the Showdown, and that’s not something Astralis wants going forward. They want to clean their schedule as much as they can and only focus on the biggest competition yielding the grandest prize pool and utmost recognition… BLAST Premier Spring Showdown definitely doesn’t belong in that bunch.

What does that tell us regarding our Astralis vs. OG predictions? Well, for one – Astralis will be coming into this match with all their might! They need to focus on the match at hand and do their best if they want to qualify for the Finals right off the bat. That ought to be their goal going forward and that ought to help them reach a clean win against mantuu and the OG boys… I guess it’s time for another spectacular lower bracket run for the Great Danes!

Astralis vs. OG Predictions

Believe it or not, these two have just one head-to-head match to their tally. It was way back in April Last year on ESL Pro League S11 EU. Astralis took the win the easy way with 2:0 on the scoreboard. Coming into this one, I honestly don’t think we’re going to see a much different match. 2:0 should be on display here too, and I’ll tell you exactly why after we go through some key CSGO betting facts!

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Expectations are always tricky territory, and the same can be said about this contest. Obviously, Astralis are the heavy favorites coming into this one… but then again, they were even heavier favorites against NiP and look at where that ended up…

No jokes, though, everyone expects Astralis to turn a new page and remain in the contest. After all, they need to win this one; they absolutely need to win it! Going through the hassle called BLAST Premier Showdown isn’t something they’ll want to do in April.

It could endanger their ability to participate on other, much bigger events, which is why I’m positive they’re going to give their 120% here. And let’s be real here for a moment – when Astralis players give their 120%, there are only a handful of teams out there who are capable of beating them at their best! And no, OG is not one of them!

Map Pool Stats

Should we even look at the map pool stats here? Well, we’re doing research-driven Astralis vs. OG picks and even the slightest of statistical shenanigans matter! That said, the map pool isn’t actually as straightforward as people might think.

You See:
OG have a 75% win rate on Mirage which is quite substantial when looking at the grand scheme of things.

However, OG’s superiority on Mirage will mean nothing, though, seeing as Astralis will ban it right away. All remaining maps are heavily in favor of the Great Danes, meaning OG are going to be in an uphill struggle even before the first-map kickoff.

Roster Strength and Readiness

This section is pretty straightforward too. I mean, is there any reason we should go into more details regarding the rosters of these two teams? As always, I’m not belittling the underdogs here, but Astralis’ collective and individual superiority have to be taken into account here. They are just too good; so good that I still don’t understand how they ended up losing that opening-round match against Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Surely, there have to be some positive sides to OG’s roster too, right?

Well, there are, they just didn’t spring to life against BIG. I mean, both Inferno and Dust 2 were relatively close, especially at halftimes, but other than valde, no one stepped up for the occasion on OG’s end.

With all that in mind, let’s cement our Astralis vs. OG picks and wrap this puppy up!

Astralis vs. OG Betting Predictions
Astralis to Win 2:0!

We just have to go with Astralis to win 2:0 because every other bet either doesn’t make sense or doesn’t fit the bill value-wise. I mean, at -445, match-winner on Astralis just isn’t worth it… especially after that opening-round debacle against NiP.

What makes us think Astralis will win this one 2:0 and get back in the group A winners’ discussion?

Well, I reckon that match vs. Nip was a wake-up call. It better be one, come to think of it! The Great Danes have just one task here and that’s to qualify for the Spring Finals. They’re not out of it just yet, but it won’t be easy from now on either. What they now need to do is stomp over OG to get back to their winning ways and assert the favorite label ahead of the lower bracket finals.

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