Astralis vs. Betting Predictions | 2021 IEM XV Katowice Play-In Match Analysis

Astralis Vs Virtus Pro Katowice

After a couple of rest days, the IEM XV Katowice World Championship CSGO action is live! We’ve reached the playoffs. Just six teams remain in the competition; two of which are already in the semifinals (Spirit and Liquid). From the looks of things, the quarterfinals might feature better action than the semifinals. There are two giant contenders here, coupled with two up-and-coming teams ready to create their Cinderella story. Astralis vs. is one such match – a match between the heavy favorites (Astralis) and, an upset-friendly CIS side eyeing a proper triumph!

Remember, the winner of this match goes up against Team Liquid in the semifinals. We’re talking about a Bo3 lineup here, a system that both sides ought to be comfortable with. Despite Astralis still being labeled as the best team out there in terms of map pool depth, are an up-and-coming side that’ll be a proper contender.

Plus, we’ve already seen Astralis lose from an unlikely opponent in the group stage.

Team Spirit was their executioner back in Group A upper bracket finals. Can another CIS side take them down; this time eliminate them as well? Well, that’s what our Astralis vs. predictions aim to unveil… so if you’re into CSGO betting, you better keep on reading!

Astralis vs. Predictions

Astralis is the best team in the world, once again. Whether you like it or not, the Great Danes are back, and they’re looking mighty. However, they’re still far from their amazing run back in 2018. Back then, they were literally unbeatable.

Nowadays, they do play exceptional CSGO, but they are prone to making mistakes. Silly ones, even! The thing about our Astralis vs. predictions is the following – will players be able to exploit Astralis players’ mistakes?

If yes, we’re in for a proper thriller. If not, the Great Danes will plow through them and be on their way to eliminate poor Liquid from a major event yet again…


So yeah, now that we know the key question behind our Astralis vs. picks, let’s do our best to answer it.

The form confirms what we’ve already said about and suggests that they could in fact surprise Astralis. Jame and the boys have won three consecutive events in late 2020 and early 2021, only missing out on Snow Sweet Snow #1 where they got eliminated by (also in-form) Gambit.

Astralis were quite successful too, having grabbed IEM XV Global Challenge title and the second spot of BLAST Premier Global Final. They did have major issues on BLAST Premier Spring Groups and it seems as though they’ve carried some of them over to this tournament too. I mean, that loss against Team Spirit speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

So yeah, form-wise, I can definitely see in-form taking this one!

Map Pool Stats

If you look at the raw stats, you’d come to the conclusion of being the far superior team here. However, things aren’t as they seem at the first glance. We need to have a realistic approach here, and the fact of the matter is – both teams are neck and neck!

Please Note:
Astralis has Nuke, has Mirage, everything else is up for grabs, with both teams being above 50% win rate on all remaining maps. If there’s one thing we can conclude from the map pool stats section, it’s that this match could easily go to the third map.

Individual Aspects

However, when we take the snowball potential of both sets of players, we’ll realize that total maps over 2.5 might not be the ideal solution here. But, if we take a closer look at upset potential, we’ll realize it’s present! Individually,’s Jame and YEKINDAR exceed Device and dupreeh…

At least right now.

The young Latvian star is taking no prisoners, and the same can be said about the seasoned Russian AWPer. When they get things going, is a force to be reckoned with. So yeah, for the sake of our Asteralis vs. predictions, let’s hope they show up for the occasion tomorrow.

Astralis vs. Betting Predictions to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

Yessir, my money is on here. I know, I know… betting on Astralis is risky! Hey, esports betting is risky, especially online events, so deal with it! We can’t go around expecting massive profits from low-risk bets. That’s just not how things work.

But, why do I recommend betting on here?

Well, even though we’ve had a fair bit of surprises this event, I reckon the biggest one is yet to come… and my oh my, wouldn’t VP beating Astralis be exactly that! have a fair share of flaws, they’re not the perfect team, but they do have that upset potential required to take down a team of Astralis’ qualities. Jame and YEKINDAR ought to be the front-runners for VP on Friday. If they can get the show going, could end this one in just two maps. At +156, I fancy our chances here, boys!

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