Astralis vs. Team Vitality Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Betting Predictions

Hello and welcome to the newest installment in our series of CS:GO ESL One: Road to Rio picks! Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the matchup between some of Europe’s finest teams. More precisely, this piece is dedicated to Astralis vs. Vitality predictions, an intricate third-round contest featuring two highly competitive teams.

We have ZywOo on one end, and brilliant Astralis’ roster on the other – a match that surely won’t lack entertaining action on both sides. These matches, though, are typically difficult to predict. No worries – I promise I’ve done my job as best as I possibly could!

With those words, let’s go through the most common CS:GO betting mistakes before handling Astralis vs. Vitality predictions!

Most Common Esports Betting Mistakes | How to Avoid Them

Whether you’re an experienced esports betting enthusiast or your just starting out your online betting career, you should do everything you can to avoid making the following mistakes. Why?

Well, isn’t it obvious – they are mistakes?

They will make you lose money and potentially ruin your relationship and/or your life. Betting on CS:GO is no joke; even though it’s merely a hobby for some people, it can develop into a serious addiction… but, as long as you stay away from the following esports betting mistakes, you should be all good!

Betting Too Much

The quickest way of ending up with a serious gambling addiction is betting too much. Not just betting too much, but betting with the money that’s not yours or money you can’t afford to lose. These sorts of actions have massive repercussions later on… especially if you lose. And let’s face it, most of these high-risk moves end up as lost wagers…

Don’t let that happen to you; you’re better than that!

Betting When Angry

Needless to say, you shouldn’t bet when your angry!

Scratch that – not only should you not bet when you’re angry, but you also shouldn’t bet when you’re drunk, high or under any other sort of influence. Stuff like that results in you making rash decisions…and we all know they can be a proper disaster in the world of online betting.

Relying on Luck

Third’s the charm, eh? Well, there’s nothing charming about relying on luck! Such a tactic is okay (I guess) for people who want to casually place one or two bets in a span of a couple of months. If you’re somewhat serious about your esports betting career, though, there’s no room for luck! You need to base your bets on cold hard facts and nothing else. Remember that!

Astralis vs. Vitality Predictions

The time has finally come – we’ve reached the point in this piece when the only thing left to do are the Astralis vs. Vitality predictions! This is what all of you’ve been waiting for, so let’s cut straight to the chase!

Form Matters the Most

People like to argue form doesn’t mean a lot in the world of esports. Or at least that it doesn’t mean as much as it means in the world of regular sports. While I can see where they’re coming from with such claims, I believe that the difference is as small as they come.

The form does matter – when everything else is on equal terms, the form is often enough the deciding factor!

As far as Vitality’s form goes, the French side has nothing to brag about in 2020. The last notable event they won was back in late December 2019 (EPICENTER).

Since then, they didn’0t even make it close to podium finishes in three tier A events.

As for Astralis, The Great Danes also haven’t won a single event in 2020 thus far. But, they’ve been miles ahead of Vitality on both ESL Pro League S11 EU and IEM XIV WC Katowice. The Polish IEM adventure ended with a semifinal elimination by Natus Vincere. ESL Pro League resulted in roughly the same scenario. Perhaps the third time is the charge for Device and the boys?

Final Thoughts

This is it! There’s just one more thing on our bucket list, and that’d be the reveal of the actual Astralis vs. Vitality predictions. Wait just a bit more, though, as we need to go through the best individuals on both teams before we can call it a full picture!

Of course, the French side’s key fragger, the most brilliant individual, is the 19-year-old prodigy ZywOo.

Named as the world’s best player in 2019, ZywOo managed to transition his form to 2020 too. Unfortunately, that can’t be said about his teammates. Their individual forms have been oscillating and seem to be at a relatively low point coming into this matchup.

That said, I really can’t see Vitality winning this one. But, a simple match-winner on Astralis just won’t be able to cut it. The odds are ridiculous, currently sitting at -400 on The Great Danes.

That’s basically why I’ve opted for the good old total maps here. Yep, I know I’m overdoing total maps, but you have to admit I’m pretty consistent. Total maps over 2.5 at -106 seems like the perfect option here. Great teamwork and cohesion on one end, a superb individual on the other – similar map pool depth, and pistol-around efficiency. Even though I do believe Astralis will take this one home, I’d rather go with total maps over 2.50 at -106. At -400, match winner on Astralis is, at least in my books, a lot riskier.

That’s about it, guys!

Thank you all for sticking till the very end; hopefully it will be well worth your time…

Until next time,


My Pick
Total Maps Over 2.5
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