BIG vs. Astralis Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Fall Finals Match Analysis

Big Vs Astralis Blast Premier Fall Final

There are just two more matches left in BLAST Premier Fall Finals! If you haven’t gotten any bets in just yet, now is your time to shine. We’re here to help you, no worries – our BIG vs. Astralis predictions ought to be a helping hand ahead of your next esports bet!

BIG are set to play against Astralis following their loss against Vitality in the upper bracket finals. It was a proper blowout in the end, but I reckon BIG players won’t be overly fazed by that loss. Astralis, on the other hand, went through another lower bracket massacre, dealing with NaVi without any issues.

We have two top-notch teams here – entertainment is almost guaranteed!

As always, we’ll be doing a thorough analysis of both sides, to increase our chances of winning something tomorrow. Obviously, we’re in the final stages of the tournament with the stakes being incredibly high, so it’s definitely going to be a tight contest. After all, the losing side faces elimination – there’s everything to play for here!

Of course, our BIG vs. Astralis predictions won’t rush things. We’ll take it easy, go through the stats and try to come up with a research-driven decision! But first, here’s a quick 101 on CSGO betting in late 2020!

Betting on CSGO in Late 2020 | 101

These two last BLAST Premier Fall Finals matches are just around the corner, but there are still three weeks to go before the end of 2020. Are there any other CSGO events worthy of your attention? Well, there’s one that stands out, one that’ll feature a similar set of top-tier teams. Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge is the name and it starts next Tuesday.

There are already futures available! You can experiment with outright winner bets as well as the opening-round matchups. I’d warn you, though – it’s best to see how this event unfolds before betting on one of the last three remaining teams here.

After the Global Challenge ends, we’re heading into a month-long winter break. Top-tier competitive CSGO returns in January with BLAST Premier Global Final. Check out our IEM XV Global Challenge betting preview here!

BIG vs. Astralis Predictions

Believe it or not, this will be the first time BIG goes up against Astralis. Yep, these two have managed to avoid a head-to-head encounter for the whole year, and now it seems as though they’ll have two h2h matches in roughly a week.

That leaves us with no matches for a direct h2h comparison, but it’s okay, we’ll manage without them. We’ll just have to focus more on the form, map pool stats and fresh info on the starting lineup. Our BIG vs. Astralis predictions won’t suffer from a lack of info, that’s for sure!


Astralis had a straightforward strategy against Navi earlier today. They just abused Perfecto and allowed him no space at all. That was it. They left S1mple alone (for the most part) and haven’t suffered any consequences. Inferno was always going in favor of Astralis, but that Train performance will be a real warning for BIG ahead of this one!

Obviously, when talking about the form we just have to mention BIG’s summer. Their talents exploded onto the EU stage leaving everyone outright puzzled. Truth be told, BIG’s form is nowhere near those heights. Their Flashpoint S2 ended as a massive disappointment. The same can be said about their IEM XV Beijing performance too. They did win Merkur Masters S2 title in late November, but that was a smaller event with tier-b opposition.

Map Pool Stats

When we take a look at the map pool stats of both sides, things go from bad to worse for the Germans. You see, BIG relies heavily on Mirage. That’s their go-to map with by far the highest win rate (80%). The thing is, Mirage is Astralis’ permaban, meaning we won’t see BIG play their best map tomorrow.

Please Note:
To add insult to injury, Astralis is statistically superior on all remaining maps. Dust ought to be a tight contest, but everything else (more or less= favors the Great Danes.

Yep, long story short – things are not looking good for the Germans. Plus, it seems our BIG vs. Astralis predictions are already cemented in!

Individual Stats

One last thing before we wrap up these BIG vs. Astralis predictions – individual prowess.

Obviously, Astralis is going to win this section… without breaking a sweat, some would say. Device and the company have looked and played the part of the good old GOAT Astralis.

I think the whole CSGO community can feel them crawling their way back to the top… and they’re doing so with back-to-back lower-bracket madness… While I wouldn’t want to belittle BIG players; I have to point out Astralis’ individual supremacy here. There’s just no other way around it, really!

BIG vs. Astralis Predictions
Astralis to Win!

I just can’t help it guys! I have to go with Astralis match-winner here. We had a difficult spell picks-wise, so I’m just making sure we crawl out of the red, slowly but surely… otherwise I would’ve gone with Astralis to win 2:0 which offers much better value.

Take that with a grain of salt, and make sure you tune in to the show tomorrow!

Donnie out…

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