BIG vs. Complexity Betting Predictions | Flashpoint Season 3 Match Analysis

BIG Vs Complexity Flashpoint Season 3

The first day of Flashpoint Season 3 went as expected… if you expected Double Poney to defeat Vitality and shove them into the lower bracket right off the bat!

I mean, what on Earth happened there?

Astralis’ win over OG might’ve come as a surprise to some, but Bubzkji is handling the new situation well – seems like Astralis won’t suffer from device’s departure for too long after all… But, we’re here for BIG vs. Complexity, the match that crosses with Fnatic vs. Mousesports in the next round.

All four of these teams have equal chances of winning, which is why I’m confident our BIG vs. Complexity predictions will have a ton of value!

BIG vs. Complexity Predictions

That’s right, this match has no clear favorite! Bookies offer odds that start with a minus on both ends of the moneyline, so you’ll have to pick your poison carefully. But, that’s what our BIG vs. Complexity picks are here for. Let’s start the analysis right away so you can place your CSGO bets in due time!

Recent Track Record

BIG have been very busy this year! They’ve participated in eight notable tournaments, one qualifier and one show match since the start of the year. However, their overall results aren’t that good. They did win Funspark ULTI 2020 last month which brought them $150,000 in prize money. But, since then, they have just three wins in seven matches… and the last two came against tier-B teams BLINK and Apeks.

Complexity participated in fewer events than BIG.

Not only that – their overall performances are much worse too! They didn’t have a single podium finish this year… if we’re not counting qualifiers and group stage contests. Yep, these two will battle it out tomorrow in a match that could bring forth roster alterations for the losing side. Yes, the lower bracket is there, but it’s not exactly the greatest consolation ever!

Map Pool Statistics

The map pool statistics are all over the place! Neither side has a concrete advantage, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have a closer look! Let’s start off with the maps that could go either way. We’re mainly talking about Mirage and Vertigo here; I’d love to see either of them as the third map.

As for primary picks
Complexity ought to go for Inferno or Nuke. BIG have been absolutely awful on both so it’s an easy pick for the NA org. But, BIG have two excellent options too – Dust 2 and Overpass. Train could be left up for grabs too. It’s Complexity’s usual ban, but perhaps they’ll opt for Dust 2 instead. It would certainly make the first two maps that much more interesting!

Roster Comparison

On one end we have XANTARES and syrsoN, on the other end we have blameF and k0nfig.

Which of these two duos am I going with here?

Well, even though they’re similar in terms of overall talent, syrsoN and XANTARES mean much more to BIG than blameF and k0nfig do to complexity. For the NA org, even if the above-mentioned duo doesn’t play well, they still have jks or poizon who are known for stepping up for the challenge in times of dire need.

BIG vs. Complexity Betting Predictions
BIG to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

As mentioned earlier, there’s no clear winner here. This match could go either way and, judging by the map pool stats, it could really go either way. Total maps over 2.5 might seem like the safest option here, but I advise against it.

Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of mishaps with total maps over bets so I’m not going to make one here!

These tight contests tend to be all about momentum from the first map, but exceptions do exist… and I’m not willing to splash money around without some concrete footing. And what’s my concrete footing for siding with BIG here? Well, it’s syrsoN and XANTARES, of course! Especially the Turkish prodigy who has finally started to check all the right boxes for BIG.

What makes them better than k0nfig and blameF? Well, even though complexity’s boys are in proper form too, BIG’s duo has a lot higher fragging potential. I know some of you won’t agree with me on this one, but just think about how big of a threat syrsoN is once he gets his AWP properly calibrated.

That’d be all for today, ladies and gentlemen!

Donnie out…

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