BIG vs. EG Betting Predictions | Funspark ULTI 2020 Match Analysis

BIG Vs EG FunSpark Ulti

Evil Geniuses got their ass whooped by Dignitas in the opening round. We predicted that one correctly at +119! Too bad Complexity couldn’t follow through and reach the upper bracket semifinals.

But, be that as it is, we’re here to talk about BIG vs. EG!

Yep, two big teams in a direct elimination struggle right away. One of them is going to be eliminated tomorrow, and it’s on us to finish this piece with concrete BIG vs. EG picks!

BIG vs. EG Predictions

We’re looking at two tough contenders here; teams that won’t be shy to put everything on the line cometh the lower bracket match tomorrow. After all, there is everything to play for here. The losing team is out of the equation, while the winning team goes up against Complexity in the next round.

Should You Bet on Funspark ULTI 2020?

This is a legit question; one we must ask ourselves before jumping into BIG vs. EG predictions? Why is that so?

Well, Funspark ULTI 2020, just like many other events this year, packed with upsets. The lower bracket is already packed with top-tier sides and we’ve just started. So, should you bet on this event? Well, an upset-friendly event can be a blessing in disguise… if you play your cards right. In events like this one, we need to specifically look for upset potential in matches.

Finding value is of essential value in esports betting waters. But, It just so happens our BIG vs. EG picks have a ton of value, so let’s get started!


BIG has just three wins in their last ten encounters.

That’s disappointing, especially since they’ve been ranked as the best team in the world last summer, be it for just a short period. SyrsoN is failing to find his magic and it’s more and more obvious that the team had relied too much on him. The same thing happened to Vitality, who are also in a pretty bad spot right now.

Honestly, looking back at some of their most recent displays, a win for BIG here would be quite the surprise… yep, despite the fact they’re the favorites coming into this one.

But, that’s not to say EG are much better!

They also have three wins in their last ten outings, but the teams they’ve defeated are quite something.

Okay, beating Dignitas isn’t that big of a feat, but beating Astralis and Gambit in the span of one month means there might be more to EG than meets the eye. It’s just something to think about as we go forward with our BIG vs. EG betting predictions.

Map Pool Stats

Which maps will these two teams hope for coming into the banning phase tomorrow? Well, one thing is for sure – BIG will want to get their hands on Dust 2 or Vertigo. And, from the looks of things, they’re likely to get at least one of them because EG will probably ban Mirage.

Please Note:
If we take a closer look at EG’s map pool stats, we’ll notice that they’re outright terrible. But, there are some positive to take note of. Most importantly, EG have been solid on Nuke, which could be their golden ticket against BIG. Inferno could be a legit map for them too, despite that atrocious display in the opening round against Dignitas. I have nothing to add for the decider map. If it goes the extra length, it’s going to be a proper nail-biter!

Oh, I almost forgot – BIG and EG played on DH Open January. The match went to the decider and BIG pushed through to an important win.

Individual Aspects

Even though syrsoN had good moments in the opener, I still think he’s far from his usual self. Unless he has one of those inspiring fixtures tomorrow, I don’t think his AWPing contributions will be enough for BIG to push through.

And why do I think so? Well, because MICHU!

Yep, I believe MICHU will be the key player in this match. His debut was stained by in-form hallzerk, but he ought to bring forth something special for his second match as an EG player. The 24-year-old Pole ought to start strutting his stuff under new colors, and the elimination match against BIG seems like the perfect occasion!

BIG vs. EG Betting Predictions
EG to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

Yep, we’re going against the favorites once again. We’ve had plenty of luck with that approach thus far.

So why don’t we have another go?

As always, thank you for checking our CSGO picks out! Drop by again soon as we’ll have more stuff waiting for you.


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