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Big Vs Endpoint DreamHack

We’re finally turning our focus forwards esports picks! More precisely, we’re here to talk about European DreamHack Summer betting opportunities.

As you all probably know by now, the first group stage matches start tomorrow so there’s not really that much time to waste before placing your bets. BIG vs. Endpoint is one of the first matches tomorrow, and from the looks of things, BIG vs. Endpoint predictions is what people want to kickstart their DreamHack Summer 2020 betting campaign with.

And it’s a good choice if you’re going to bet on BIG to wrap it up before the third map. There – I’ve just saved you five whole minutes…

BIG vs. Endpoint Predictions

According to, BIG is currently the best team in the world. Yep, I know it sounds weird, but it’s the reality we’re living in. Many things these days make no sense at all and the newest rating is among them.

How did BIG get to the top of the world? Well, there are several reasons I can think of right away:

  • Astralis experimented with their starting roster
  • ZywOo couldn’t carry Vitality on a consistent basis
  • Faze kept playing like Faze
  • NaVi’s Perfecto experiment took time
  • G2 just didn’t have luck in crucial moments

There, that’s pretty much it! However, before we continue with our BIG vs. Endpoint predictions and supporting information, let’s take some time to talk about esports betting in general. More precisely, let’s talk about the most common esports betting mistakes!

Most Common Esports Betting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It’s an ever-present topic in the esports betting community. There are always lots of new people coming into the scene and they all keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Heck, some of these mistakes are so dangerous and “addictive” that bettors with years of experience still fall for them.

It’s one thing to make mistakes, but it’s a whole different thing to keep making the same ones without learning something in the process…

Betting All the Time

Never bet all the time; it’s impossible to be consistent if you’re not taking a few pauses in between bets every now and then. Consistency is the key to long-term success, remember that, and you can’t get any of it if you’re constantly placing new wagers.

Betting all the time also brings additional problems forward.

For Example:
Betting all the time increases the risk of splurging your entire betting bankroll in a week. Chasing losses is usually what succeeds betting all the time, and I’m sure you’re well-aware of the dangers behind chasing losses!

Relying on Luck

Relying on luck is one of the worst things you can do when placing CS:GO bets. Don’t do it! Just… just don’t! It’s silly, to say the least – you’re investing money but you can’t be bothered to do some research or at least skim through the recent results and team stats? If you’re going in with half-baked bets, it’s better for you to drop CS:GO betting altogether!

In other words, not doing research AKA relying on luck won’t get you far. It’s not a good method of betting when looking at the grand scheme of things. If you’re somewhat serious about your esports betting habits, stop trusting your gut feeling and get some stats-crawling hours in!

Recent Results

As far as recent results go, there’s no one better than BIG. As mentioned earlier, the Germans are at the top of the world and, at times, they’re looking insanely difficult to play against. They can be passive, they can be dynamic… and best of all, they look like a complete team with a pretty deep map pool. That’s everything a top-tier CS:GO team needs, to be frank!

Endpoint’s recent results aren’t bad, though. They played on lower-tier events but had plenty of solid campaigns. They finished on top on two occasions, #HSH Cup Week 8 and ESL Premiership Spring 2020. Keep in mind, these are lower-tier events without any major-league participants.

As far as head to head matches go, BIG are the clear winners. These two teams played just once on Dust 2, roughly three months ago on #HSH Cup Week 3. Needless to say, BIG came out on top following a majestic Display by XANTARES.

Map Pool Info

Moving on with our BIG vs. Endpoint predictions, let’s talk a bit about the map pool. BIG has been absolutely phenomenal at all maps except Train. Inferno is a hit and miss sometimes, but everything else has been A-okay for the Germans. Just look at their stats in the last three months and you’ll understand why I’m so darn impressed.

BIG Vs Endpoint Percentages

This table is the real reason why I’m going with BIG to win 2-0 here. You see, there’s just no way Endpoint can grab a map against BIG. I mean, the Germans will ban Train right off the bat, and the best thing Endpoint can do is ban Overpass or Dust 2. If they go with Overpass, it’s not the ideal solution since it’s been their highest win rate map for quite a while. If they go with Dust 2, their odds of winning won’t be greatly increased either…

Individual Prowess

Is there even any point comparing these two teams in the individual prowess department. I mean, on one end we have TabseN, syrsoN, and XANTARES… I rest my case! The Germans are fuming with confidence… XANTARES too! The newest arrivals, k1to and syrsoN are both looking awesome out there. However, the latter has to be pointed out as the man of the hour! SyrsoN is among the key reasons behind BIG’s recent success, that’s for sure!

Endpoint’s roster is a mix and mash of experienced European veterans… but veterans that don’t have that much experience at the highest competitive level. In their favor, Endpoint did win plenty of money thus far in 2020. They conquered ESL Premiership Spring 2020 as well as #HomeSweetHome Cup Week 8. Heck, they almost won another title last month on Eden Arena: Malta Vibes Week 2, but lost in the grand finals against Alternate aTTaX.

BIG vs. Endpoint Predictions

It might seem risky at first, but knowing the form BIG players are in, and knowing they’ll want to win their third notable event in 2020, I just can’t see Endpoint doing anything worthwhile here. My BIG vs. Endpoint predictions are further fueled by the map pool discrepancies. BIG are enjoying themselves, only dropping Train as their permaban. Even though they haven’t looked great on Inferno recently, I still fancy them to win against Thomas and the lads.

Endpoint is going to pick a few rounds here and there, that’s for sure… but I don’t think they’ll manage to win a round against the Germans. At -286, I fancy my chances of winning this one. Heck, I might even put it in my first-round accumulator!

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