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Big Vs Faze Clan Dreamhack EU

BIG vs. Faze predictions is the focal point of this piece. As the title suggests, we’re going to talk about NiKo and the boys and their chances of going through to the upper bracket finals. Of course, their task won’t be easy. Even though the German side isn’t in the greatest form of their lives, they’re known as a tough cookie to crack from time to time.

If XANTARES gets on a roll, things could get tricky for Faze Clan.

In this piece, not only are we going to talk about Faze Clan’s choke potential, but we’re also going to analyze key factors of both teams coming into this match. There’s a ton of work we have to do to satisfy all you esports betting enthusiasts reading this, so let’s jump right into it!

BIG vs. Faze Betting Predictions

Let’s face it – the German CS:GO scene is far from its greatest levels. BIG is basically the only team worth mentioning when talking about the world’s top 20. Perhaps I’m being overly subjective here, but the current lineup of top German teams doesn’t seem like much.

Take BIG as the perfect example – yes, they feature a somewhat solid roster but they’re in no way a proper contestant for top-tier events.

Faze Clan, on the other hand, has had an excellent roster ever since NiKo joined back in February of 2017. The Bosnian legend was brought in to win Majors, yet Faze Clan is still to win one with NiKo onboard. Their ups and downs are already one of CS:GO scene’s legendary-tier memes, which is why it’s always tricky betting on their matches.

Tricky Map Pool Shenanigans

As far as map pool stats are concerned, most people would think Faze have the upper hand. While that would really be the case if we’re talking about individual fragging potential, it’s not so much in terms of the map pool. NiKo and the company should dominate on Mirage and Train, but everything other than that is either no man’s territory or in favor of the Germans.

Individually, NiKo will be the carry on one end, while syrsoN should take the same role for BIG.

Both are experienced CS:GO veterans with pretty solid stats during the last few months. NiKo, traditionally, frags till he drops, which is exactly the sort of mentality he will need if he wants to push Faze to the upper bracket finals. If they get there, they will go up against the better of NaVi vs. G2. That one’s going to be a juicy contest, I can already tell.

BIG vs. Faze Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5!

Not this again… that must be what you’re thinking right about now. Yes – I’m well aware of the fact my total maps wagers haven’t been on point in the last few weeks. But; and there’s always a but when esports specials are on the line, I’m positive we got this one. Betting on Faze might seem like the smartest option here… but I’m positive BIG will make them sweat like pigs. Nuke, Overpass and Vertigo – I reckon BIG can take Faze Clan down on all three of these maps. If push comes to shove, I’d love to see them take on Dust 2 as the deciding map…

That would be a great way to wrap our BIG vs. Faze predictions up, especially since we’re going with total maps over 2.5.

Well, that’s it as far as this betting picks piece goes…

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