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The stage is set for another marvelous LAN experience! BIG is going up against G23; TabseN up against NiKo; a spot in the knockout stage is on the line meaning both of these teams will give their 120% today. Let’s examine their lows and highs and see how they stack up against each other in our BIG vs. G2 predictions!

BIG vs G2 Predictions

BIG and G2 played on two occasions this year. The first was on IEM XV World Championship in February when G2 made a clean sweep. However, these two met again on BLAST Premier Spring Finals where BIG had their revenge. It was a much tougher contest, with BIG stealing the big W with solid gameplay on Dust 2 and Vertigo.

But, these were both online events. Lots of things will be different cometh today’s LAN encounter. The odds are much higher too; not only is this a highly lucrative competition, but they’re basically fighting for a spot in the playoffs. There’s still one more group stage round to be played for the winner, though it only affects the seeding.

The losing team isn’t out of the equation immediately, they still have a shot at qualifying via the lower bracket. But, winning two more straight matches, both of which will be elimination matches, isn’t going to be easy… and both BIG and G2 are well aware of that.

BIG Betting Preview

CSGO bookmakers see BIG as the underdogs with moneyline odds hovering around the +130 mark. G2, on the other hand, are at -160ish. Can the Frenchmen justify the favorites’ role or will they falter under pressure and allow BIG to squeeze from the play-in straight into the playoffs mix?

BIG’s recent track record, an excellent form of key players, and solid map pool depth all suggest that upset potential in this one is rather high.

As stated earlier, BIG have won the last h2h clash against G2, suggesting another win could be on the horizon.

However, BIG’s recent LAN wins are somewhat out of the ordinary. For those of you who don’t remember, BIG’s rapid rise to success was fueled by online play in the summer of 2020. It will be interesting to see them go up against one of Europe’s finest in a LAN clash. That will show their true strengths and weaknesses, no doubt about it!

G2 Betting Preview

As for G2, they are one of the most consistent teams in the world right now! Their track record is outstanding, much better than that of BIG. However, BIG have been in the mix since the play-in stage, they already had their fair share of LAN action, whereas this will be the second LAN match for G2.

But, if we’re going to be basing our BIG vs. G2 predictions on cold hard facts, then G2 are the heavy favorites. In-form NiKo and huNter are going to be the most dangerous players against Big. They already asserted their dominance against Complexity in the first round, and they are bound to provide us with more of the same against BIG too.

G2’s map pool is roughly at the same level as BIG’s.

But, G2’s roster loves LANs, that’s where their individual qualities shine the most. While they’ve been pretty consistent in online tournaments too, I expect to see them play even better on this one.

Everyone has massive expectations for their PGL Major campaign, and IEM XVI Cologne is the perfect opportunity to shave off the rough edges and prepare their best game plans ahead of the big CSGO Major spectacle later this year.

Wrapping Things Up

G2 has to come out on top in this one. There’s a lot on the line, we’re talking about one of their most important matches this year, and they’re obviously going to give it their best. As for BIG, while they did look frightening in their three last matches (three consecutive wins), G2 is a level above their recent opponents. With that in mind, our pick here is pretty simple.

My Pick
G2 to Win

The odds are pretty good too. This is a high-value bet, one that has to go through if G2 are to keep their consistency up and running ahead of the final group stage match and even more important playoff clashes next week!

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