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BIG Vs Heroic Dreamhack

We’ve been pretty successful on our first day of our EU DreamHack Summer betting adventure. Two out of four might not suggest that, but one of the two missed wagers was always going to be a long shot. I went with ZPG to win against Team Liquid, but I emphasized the term low-stake wager. If you followed all of my first-day tips, you should be in the green. Let’s hope our BIG vs. Heroic predictions follow in the same footsteps!

BIG vs. Heroic Predictions

Here we have the winning sides, the two teams that cruised to important wins in the first round. BIG was better than ENDPOINT in what was a pretty twisty and turny match. Heroic, on the other hand, had a much easier task against crippled MAD Lions.

As many of you know, the losing end has already been finalized. We correctly predicted the outcome of both matches, although we missed BIG vs. ENDPOINT since we went with correct score 2:0. Honestly, I don’t think ENDPOINT players know how on earth they won that first map against TabseN’s BIG. As for MAD Lions’ loss, it was pretty expected. However, their second disheartening display against t ENDPOINT wasn’t expected… Especially after they strolled through the first map (Vertigo) without losing a single round.

Coming into this match, it will be interesting to see how both teams approach the game tactically. Both have excellent sets of players and are in fine form, both of which make our BIG vs. Heroic predictions that much more entertaining… but trickier as well!

Why Should I Bet on CS:GO?

If you came here looking for esports picks but you’re still having second thoughts on actually investing your hard-earned money, here are two main reasons why people typically bet on CS:GO and esports in general:

Esports Passion

Some people are in it because they are truly passionate about esports. They’re betting on CS:GO matches not because they’re expecting hefty returns but because they want an extra reason to cheer for during the most thrilling matchups.

Long-Term Profit

Others are in it for the money; it’s as simple as that! Some bet on CS:GO for the thrill of the chase, while others have more important things in mind. Some esports betting enthusiasts don’t have that much passion for esports… What they do have is a passion for money, and esports betting can be a quick way of earning a killing. The chances aren’t that high, but with a bit of perseverance and dedication, everything’s possible!

Recent Results

Now that we got that out of our way, let’s focus on BIG vs. Heroic predictions… and what better way to start than with the most recent results. As mentioned in the intro, both these teams put on quite the show in the first round. If they hadn’t, they wouldn’t be playing in the winners’ round, mind you.

The question is – which of the two will be able to put on another show tomorrow and qualify for the playoffs right off the bat?

Well, judging by Heroic’s triumph against MAD Lions in the first round, they could indeed make an upset tomorrow. Best of all, they’re considered as the underdogs, meaning we’ll get plenty of value if we end up going with them. Honestly, if the start of our BIG vs. Heroic predictions is a good indication of our final choice, going with Heroic, in the end, doesn’t seem like that far of a stretch.

Map Pool Info

Both teams have deep map pools. They’re both excellent on Nuke, Inferno, Mirage, and Vertigo – meaning we could see any of these maps as the decider. There are a few mismatches too! Dust 2 and Overpass go heavily in favor or BIG. Heroic, on the other hand, rocks a solid win/lose ratio on Train (62%), but that’s BIG’s permaban so it doesn’t really matter as far as our BIG vs. Heroic predictions go.

All in all, I give BIG the narrowest of advantages against Heroic tomorrow… but I doubt it will have an effect looking at the grand scheme of our BIG vs. Heroic predictions. As some of you must’ve realized by now, things are looking neck and neck across all departments – it will be really difficult to call this one. Hopefully individual player stats will clear everything up so we can call it a day!
Individual Prowess

Individually, BIG is the superior roster here.

They have TabseN, syrsoN, and XANTARES. In popular internet vocabulary – Nuff said! The two Germans coupled with in-form Turk form the base of this BIG roster. Even though syrsoN joined just recently, he already established himself as the leading fragger in this BIG roster and can be pointed out as the key figure behind their recent success.

Heroic, on the other hand, doesn’t have a standout performer.

The closest to that status is stavn, but pointing him out while disregarding others is not okay. Niko, TeSeS, cadiaN… heck, even b0RUP has been pretty consistent in the last few months. While they are playing their best CS:GO at the moment, I still doubt it will be enough to push BIG to the decider round.

I’m not 100% sure, though, which is why my BIG vs. Heroic predictions are not based on a match-winner. Instead, they’re the good old total maps option, most of you should be familiar with it. If not, allow me to explain it real fast:

This is a Bo3 matchup, the first to win two maps wins the match. If you bet on total maps, you’re supposed to guess if the match will end with two or three maps. In other words, you’re betting on the margin of the winning team’s victory – whether they’ll ace the match with 2-0 or drop a map on their path to victory.

BIG vs. Heroic Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5!

Even though BIG at -200 seems like a solid choice for a lengthier accumulator, I find it slightly too risky for my taste. Not saying BIG is going to lose here, I’m just stating the obvious – this is going to be a tightly contested match right from the very first round and up until the last one.

With that in mind, and considering the map pools of both sides, going with a total maps over 2.5 at -106 is probably the best bet you can go with here. I’m not really sure why bookmakers such as Betway (you can check out Betway review here) favor total maps under at -143. It just doesn’t make sense. Perhaps it’s a mistake! If it is, you better hurry up and place your wager because it shouldn’t take bookies to long to fix the issue!

Be that as it is, we’ve reached the end of our BIG vs. Heroic predictions. Hope you guys feel ready for another winning wager because I sure do!

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