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The group stage might be all over from the perspective of playoff qualifications, but the seeding part of the equation isn’t over just yet. We still have three final group stage matches to go through, one of which revolves around MIBR and BIG. Yessir – BIG vs. MIBR predictions is our main topic here, focusing on the so-called “Demo-Lition Men” Group B which still has all four teams in the equation.

As some of you may know, the top two teams in each group advance straight to the playoffs. All third-place teams advance to the Last Chance Stage together with the best fourth-place team. Envy is the best fourth-place team, meaning group B could still yield four out of eight playoff participants in total.

Enough with all that – let’s focus on BIG vs. MIBR predictions and try to cash in on another fine Flashpoint S2 betting endeavor!

BIG vs. MIBR Predictions

MIBR’s win against ForZe was a big thing for everyone involved with the Brazilian team. They’ve been secretly hoping their new roster can reach great heights on the second season of Flashpoint… and now it’s safe to say MIBR players have fulfilled the fans’ expectations.

However, it’s only a part of the job. Electric Brazilian fans now expect MIBR to reach well into the playoffs… If we’re being honest here, the only thing they’d want to settle with is the title. It narrowly escaped their grasp last time out – will it happen again this time around too?

As mentioned earlier, this match doesn’t mean all that much since both MIBR and BIG are already through to the playoffs. It does matter in terms of playoffs seeds – the winner will get an easier road to the grand finals… and that’s what’ll make both these teams turn up for the occasion tomorrow!

Recent Campaigns

Well, BIG is the superior team here. The Germans have been nothing but spectacular this summer, having won more than a fair share of top-tier events. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb here and point BIG out as the biggest surprise of 2020. Yes, I know FURIA is damn worthy of that title too, but the Germans managed to win big in much tougher competition than the Brazilians.

There’s not really that much good to say about MIBR’s recent campaigns. They had just two solid adventures in 2020, and both date back to spring and early summer. Since then, the folks over at MIBR have been trying to find a new identity… perhaps the recent changes will finally put them back where they belong – at the very top of Brazilian CSGO.

Individuals Stats

Who’s the standout performer for MIBR at the moment? Statistically, kNgV- has been the most ferocious in MIBR’s new roster. Trk and v$m aren’t taking any prisoners either, and the opposition (including BIG) should take them very seriously.

SyrsoN and the company are a level above MIBR, at least right now. I’m not saying the Brazilians are not skilled enough, I’m just saying BIG has that extra bit of individual edge that’ll probably decide our BIG vs. MIBR predictions.

MIBR’s roster has potential, there’s no doubt about that… but it will take much more time for them to settle in and bring forth their A-game! That’s the way things work in CSGO; there’s no other way around it, really…

Map Pool Stats

If you like to place a few CSGO bets every now and then, you probably know a good deal about pro teams and their favorite maps. Why don’t we go a step further, though? Why don’t we check out the map pool stats of both teams and do some comparisons with their first group stage encounter!

Statistically, BIG will favor Mirage and Dust 2 above everything else. Those are the two maps they’ve been most successful on, plus MIBR isn’t that good on them. It’s a win-win for BIG as far as I can see…

Last time out, BIG demolished MIBR on both of these maps with a resounding 16-2 on the scoreboard. MIBR took the big W on their own pick (Vertigo), but it was much closer than they’d like to admit. Coming into this match, I just can’t see MIBR doing anything noteworthy. They might win Vertigo again (assuming they pick it), but I can’t see them winning another map against the tenacious Germans.

Betting Pick
BIG to Win

I had to go with BIG here. At -350, I’m well aware it’s not the greatest value, but it’s the best value we have for this particular match. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another tightly contested match, though I’m not that confident to play the good old total maps over card here. A simple match-winner is all I’m going to suggest for my BIG vs. MIBR predictions…

Thank you come again!

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