BIG vs. NiP Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Spring Finals Match Analysis

NiP Vs BIG Blast Premier Spring Final

It’s time for the elimination day at BLAST Premier Spring Finals, and CSGO bookmakers are absolutely packed with people looking to get their wagers in. You’re probably among them; otherwise, I doubt you’d be checking out our BIG vs. NiP predictions!

That’s right; I know what you’re up to! I also know you’re looking for fresh information on both teams. If that’s true, then you’d probably like to know more about their map pool stats as well. Hold onto your hats, cowboys!

We’ll cover all of that, but one thing at a time!

BIG vs. NiP Predictions

BIG and NiP played four matches thus far in 2021. 2:2 is the overall score, but NiP have the momentum seeing as they’ve beaten BIG last month on Flashpoint S3.

Are we going to see a similar match tomorrow?

Well, we might… though you have to understand that device now offers a much more stable presence than he had back then. It’s just something to think about before wrapping up our BIG vs. NiP betting tips!

Recent Matches

BIG defeated G2 in the opening round of the tournament. Prior to that, they had a solid run on Spring Sweet Spring #2, where they lost to OG in the grand finals. They were even better on Funspark ULTI, snatching the title… though I have to add the competition wasn’t exactly top-tier.

NiP weren’t bad either.
A couple of great runs on ESL Pro League S13 and Flashpoint S3, though they ruined the overall impression with a poor show on IEM XVI Summer. A quick reminder, eliminated them on the last step of the group stage.

Coming into this match, I reckon NiP will have winds of victory in their sails. If they can couple that up with a superior banning phase, they’ll be in the pivotal position to take the win tomorrow.

Map Pool Stats

NiP are coming into this one with a massive advantage in the banning phase. Their permaban is BIG’s best map, Vertigo.

That leaves the Germans with Dust 2, and that’s pretty much it.

Nuke, Mirage, Overpass, all tightly contested maps. Mirage ought to be NiP’s first pick, though it still doesn’t mean they’re the clear winners of the banning phase.

Key Players

As with any Nip match in the previous month or so, device has to be emphasized as the key player. Even if he’s not the single most dominant player on the field, his overall presence always adds up to his contribution.

Device is an enigma, he is one of the most complete players in the game, and he’s going to do great things with NiP, sooner rather than later!

BIG is going to be just another hurdle for the Ninjas. Yep, I know the Germans had a fine match against G2, but they ruined their image vs. NaVi. Sure, Inferno was close, but don’t even get me started on that Dust 2 atrociousness.

BIG vs. NiP Betting Predictions
NiP to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

We have to go with the favorites here! We’ve gone with the underdogs on two occasions, with awful luck. Faze Clan just wouldn’t give us any money these last few days.

Please Note:
NiP are going to be in charge of tomorrow’s match. We’ve seen what BIG can do, they’re finally budging, but it won’t be enough against device-led NiP.

The Swedish team to win at -118 is my choice of bet here. Follow it if you want, no hard feelings if you don’t… it’s nothing surprising considering my recent track record…

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