BIG vs. OG Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Fall Finals Match Analysis

BIG Vs OG Blast Premier

Yessir – we’re coming in aggressively into this CSGO event with our in-depth BIG vs. OG predictions! That’s right – the first set of opening-round matches have just begun, and we need to get some wagers in before the second spell scheduled for tomorrow!

The end of the 2020 CSGO betting calendar is just around the corner, which means we don’t have a lot of time to waste. Let’s jump straight to the most frequently asked question before moving onto the focal point of the evening – BIG vs. OG predictions.

Should I Bet on BLAST Premier Fall Finals?

Well, yeah! I mean, it is an online event, but you can’t do much about it, can you? We haven’t had a single LAN event since February, so if you’re into CSGO betting, I’m afraid online is all you can get at the moment!

Plus, the BLAST Premier Fall Finals betting opportunity is the penultimate one in 2020… as far as the top teams are concerned, to be more precise.

Please Note:
There’s just one more notable event scheduled in December, IEM Global Challenge, and that’s about it as far as this year goes. Not too many top-tier CSGO betting opportunities, meaning you shouldn’t take BLAST Premier Fall betting for granted!

BIG vs. OG Predictions

What should we start off with? Should we go with the recent head-to-head match first? Well, it’s a logical first step, so let’s take care of it right away before moving onto other recent results, individual form, and map pool depth.

Last time out, OG took the big W on Flashpoint.

It was a rather important match for both teams, with OG narrowly taking down the first map (Fust 2) after overtime. Inferno went by without Valde and the boys even breaking a sweat… but I reckon we would’ve seen a totally different story if BIG hadn’t faltered in overtime. The most recent head-to-head match between these two will definitely influence our BIG vs. OG predictions, that’s for sure!


Which of these two is in better form? Well, as always, form is difficult to properly assess, especially nowadays in the era of online CSGO events. That said, there’s just no separating these two as far as the last few months’ worth of matches are concerned.

Campaign-wise, BIG have won Merkur Masters Season 2 in late November. OG, on the other hand, almost went all the way on Flashpoint S2 and IEM XV New York, both of which were pretty big events. Then again, we have to take into account BIG’s summer form. I know it was a long time ago, but such a dreamy run of form has to be emphasized here.

Individual Stats

I have to side with BIG as far as individual brilliance goes. Valde and mantuu have been pretty good for OG, but tabseN and XANTARES are making their presence known on the other end. The German side is always up for a proper clash, no matter who they’re facing off against.

If they bring that attitude in their match against OG, I’m sure they’ll have their revenge!

Don’t get me wrong, OG will have their chances. In fact, CSGO bookmakers see them as the slight favorites here… but I still reckon our BIG vs. OG predictions will go in favor of the Germans.

Map Pool Stats

Last time out, OG defeated BIG on Dust and Inferno. Not much has changed since then (at least in terms of the map pool depth) so we might see them pick the same maps. It’s possible, though unlikely since BIG will probably want to get their hands on either Mirage or Vertigo this time around.

Map pool stats suggest we could see BIG and OG go the extra length this time. It was rather close on Flashpoint 2 – overtime decided the first map – so we might even opt for the notorious total maps over wager.

BIG vs. OG Predictions
BIG to Win

Yessir, even though OG have beaten BIG last week, the Germans are the favorites coming into this one. As stated earlier, that match was a proper upset and I just can’t see it happening on two consecutive occasions.

That’s not to say OG is a bad team.

They finally seem to be on the right track; the track they should’ve been all along considering the quality of their roster. However, BIG is on a different level in terms of teamwork and map pool depth. Plus, they’re slowly (but surely) crawling their way through their slump, ready to set off on another marvelous journey.

Glad you enjoyed the show – let’s hope our BIG vs. OG predictions will go through!

Donnie out!

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