BIG vs. Spirit Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Predictions

BIG vs. Spirit Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Predictions

Our BIG vs. Spirit predictions are the third set for the upcoming ESL Pro League S12 EU quarterfinals. The only match we haven’t analyzed thus far is the Danish encounter between Astralis and Heroic. No worries, though, that match is scheduled for tomorrow meaning there’s still plenty of time for us to roll our picks out!

As for this one, we’re looking at the second-best team in group A (BIG), and third-best team in group B (Team Spirit). The latter has been quite the surprise, clinching promotion ahead of the lies of Vitality, Fnatic, Faze Clan and NiP. Spirit’s gameplay has been pretty good so far, although the knockout stage will show us what they’re made of… especially the first knockout match against BIG.

We won’t beat around the bushes like we usually do. Instead, we’ll jump straight to the BIG vs. Spirit predictions since the match starts in roughly ten(ish) hours.

BIG vs. Spirit Predictions

If you’re into betting on CSGO, then you probably already have ESL Pro League S12 EU on your chopping block.

It’s the biggest CSGO event at the moment, one that puts all the best teams in each region up against each other for quite hefty sums of money. The North American and South American iterations are all done – we’re still left with the European installment, as well as Asian and Oceanic.

BIG vs. Spirit predictions, right off the bat, see BIG as the favorite team. After all, we’re talking about the side that was ranked as the best team in the world for a short period. True, their form dropped down a bit, but it’s still the same roster; they’re still playing with the same passion!

Team Spirit should not be underestimated! In fact, they already pointed out what happens when teams underestimate them. Faze, Mousesports, NiP, Vitality – all four teams that Spirit have scalped in the group stage.


Yep, Spirit’s group stage form was pretty on point. They started off on the wrong foot, losing against Astralis and Complexity in the first two rounds. They did get back up by defeating Faze Clan, but Fnatic proved to be too tough of a cookie for them. But, when everyone had thought Spirit were out of the equation, mir and the boys stepped up and won three consecutive matches.

BIG didn’t have any real scares in the group stage.

TabseN and the boys did their homework correctly, winning four consecutive matches right off the bat. They followed the run up with losses against Heroic and NaVi, but they didn’t let that phase them too much. That 2:0 win against OG in the last round was enough to push them to the second spot with 5W/2L score, just behind NaVi’s 6W/1L.

Map Pool Depth

Even though the stats show both teams being neck and neck, the fact of the matter is BIG’s map pool is slightly superior here. They’ve been nothing but spectacular on Dust 2, Overpass, and Mirage, and when we take those three maps away from Spirit, the situation looks pretty dire. Sure, mir and the fellas should have the upper hand on Inferno and Nuke, but the Germans are stronger on every remaining map. Yep, the map pool section of our BIG vs. Spirit predictions goes heavily in favor of the Germans.

Player Qualities

I’ll dare to say it – this BIG roster offers much more individual quality than Spirit’s. As always, I’m not belittling the other side, I’m just stating the facts…. The obvious facts, in this example.

When on a roll, TabseN, k1to and the fellas are one lean mean killing machine. They’ve shown us that they can go head to head with the best teams in the region, CONSISTENTLY! That’s the keyword here, consistency… and if they win against Spirit and cement their winning ways once again, they’ll be one tough team to beat in the later stages of the playoffs.

It’s time to wrap our BIG vs. Spirit predictions up, guys! Here goes nothing:

BIG vs. Spirit Betting Predictions

Even though Team Spirit had an excellent group stage in which they qualified above some of Europe’s greatest, my BIG vs. Spirit predictions are going in favor of the German side. BIG is still a force to be reckoned with, and -223 on them is actually good value considering the circumstances and complexity of the matchup. If you’d like to take a bit more risk, you can always go with a correct score wager, although I’m not 100% sure TabseN and the boys will squeeze this one through without dropping a map. Suit yourselves, I guess…

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