C0ntact vs. Mousesports Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Betting Predictions

Last time out, we were good for two out of three ESL One Road to Rio EU predictions. NiP vs. ENCE predictions were a full hit – nailing down two from two. Astralis vs. Vitality, on the other hand, was a total miss. ZywOo and the boys were no match to the might Astralis… Today, we’re up for a thriller – C0ntact vs. Mousesports predictions are here and you better be ready!

Needless to say, this is going to be a beauty to watch! Yes, I know C0ntact doesn’t belong to the top of the CS:GO rankings, but it’s a solid team with plenty of passion… especially when playing against Mousesports. Back when this roster (well, a portion of it) was playing under the CR4ZY org, they had quite a bit of excellent matches against Mousesports.

Here’s hoping we’ll be up for another thrilling contest here.

Of course, the rich history and rivalry between these two teams is one reason why we opted to do C0ntact vs. Mousesports predictions in the first place. But, there’s also a fair bit of value to go around, and that’s what experienced esports bettors are always on the lookout for.

But, before we venture deeper into C0ntact vs. Mousesports predictions, let’s emphasize a few basic steps regarding betting on CS:GO:

CS:GO Betting 101 | How to Bet on CS:GO

CS:GO betting is nothing new! The game’s been around for almost a decade, and its betting community has been rapidly developing from its early stages dating back to 2013.

These days, the CS:GO betting community is as healthy as they come, and with the recent cancelation of all sporting events, it’s flourishing more than ever before.

So, if you’re among the many newcomers to the world of esports betting, here’s some handy advice that ought to help you take the first steps in this thrilling niche:

Find a Good Esports Betting Site

The first thing you have to do is put a ring on a proper esports bookie. Yes, there are plenty of tier-A sites you can choose from, but people still manage to stumble upon shady sites with maleficent intentions. If you’re not sure just how good your current betting platform is, you can always check our list of the best CS:GO betting sites and pick another!

Don’t Chase Your Losses

Chasing your losses is never a good idea! Not only is chasing losses going to drag you into a never-ending circle of lost bets, but it will also gravely hurt your personal finances and potentially ruin or end your relationships.

Woah, woah, woah – that sounds horrible! Yes, yes it does! But that’s only because chasing losses is horrible!

I’m not trying to push you away from CS:GO betting; I just want you to be safe. Online betting on esports is a nice little hobby, but it can turn into a dangerous addiction… so, as the good old rap line goes, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Explore CS:GO Specials

Esports specials are awesome, but I guess I don’t have to be the one to tell you that. They ramp up the excitement, offer great value, and are now available across all top-tier bookmakers. That wasn’t the case a few years ago. Only the crème de la crème of online bookmakers invested time and money into esports specials.

As far as the most popular CS:GO specials go, you’re looking at round-based totals, pistol round wins, weapon vs. weapon kills, and similar. The variety isn’t as superb as is the case with LoL or Dota, but it’s still pretty well off.

C0ntact vs. Mousesports Predictions

We’re looking at two teams from the European side of the ESL One: Road to Rio event, both of which lost both of their group stage matches. C0ntact lost against Riders and Copenhagen Flames, while Mousesports lost against Riders and North.

Worst of all – they are yet to play against the big boys in this group, G2 and FaZe Clan. Remember – two top teams advance to the upper bracket, and the next two teams advance to the lower bracket. The four bottom teams are eliminated.

That said, the team that loses this match is out of the competition – it’s as simple as that. The stakes as high as they come, and the stage is all set for a critical group stage match of ESL One: Road to Rio EU. Let’s dig right in and see what my C0ntact vs. Mousesports predictions have in store for us!

Form Matters the Most

Form-wise, both Mousesports and C0ntact Gaming are looking atrocious. C0ntact won just two out of their last eight matches. They didn’t even play against top-tier sides for the most part, which just goes to show you what a horrible form they’re in.

Unfortunately, the same can be said about Mousesports too.

Their overall form is slightly better (three wins in eight matches), but their performances haven’t been all that good. In fact, the only positive figure in their entire lineup is ropz. He’s the only guy on the current mopusesports roster that’s been a consistent performer in 2020. Others… just don’t look good at the moment.

C0ntact, on the other hand, still relies on the remnants of old CR4ZY roster they acquired in late 2019. OttoNd and EspiranTo are doing the dirty work and will definitely be the first figures on the player sheet coming into this contest.

Surprisingly enough, C0ntact’s map pool squares off pretty well against Mousesports. That, combined with Mousesports terrible performance, ottoNd and espiranTo’s form, and the rich rivalry between these two sides, make up for what ought to be a splendid match!

Final Thoughts

In the end, there’s only one thing left to do – finish off with the C0ntact vs. Mousesports predictions and call it a day! I’m sure you’ve noticed where I’m going with my thoughts. Mousesports players have been a real mess during their first two matches, and I reckon they’ll want to get this event out of their minds as soon as possible. In other words, I think Mousesports will show off another awful display and get eliminated without a single win. Sure, they’ll still have more matches to play, but they will be of no significance to them.

Since we’re already talking about a risky bet here, let’s take it one step further and go for the correct score options. We’ve had plenty of luck with it since the start of this event, so let’s try and keep the run going.

C0ntact to win 2:1 at +720 is a marvelous choice for a small wager.

That’s it – go as small as you can, and you should be alright!

That’s about it, guys!

Thank you all for sticking till the very end; hopefully it will be well worth your time…

Until next time,


My Pick
C0ntact to win 2:1!
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