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ESL One Cologne kicked off yesterday, and it already spiced things up for some of the favorites. By that, I’m mainly referring to the two crazy upsets that happened on the American event. Group A was where the action took place – FURIA and Gen.G lost their opening match against Chaos and 100T, respectively.

As a result of those upsets, 100 Thieves and Chaos are playing in the winners’ round, meaning one of them will find their way into the playoffs. Of course, our Chaos vs. 100T predictions are here to try and figure out this weird winners’ round matchup!

Chaos vs. 100T Predictions

On paper, 100 Thieves are the superior team. They are much more experienced, have a better arrangement of players, and are rightly considered as the favorite team here. However, our Chaos vs. 100T predictions won’t just follow the on-paper info. As always, we’ll base them on cold hard facts surrounding both teams, including critical figures like map pool stats, recent matches, individual figures, roster alterations, and similar.

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Recent Results

As I mentioned earlier, this is the winners’ round meaning both teams have won their opening matches. Both created upsets, mind you – FURIA and Gen.G aren’t easy to beat. But, these two made it work, and now one of them is heading into the playoffs.

Generally speaking, 100 Thieves’ 2020 hasn’t been all that brilliant. Kassad’s departure meant a lot, though. ImAPet’s arrival turned a new page for the team – 100T was finally able to string two good campaigns together. 3rd place on the North American DreamHack Masters Spring and fourth on CS_summit 6 NA.

Chaos is coming into this event following a successful FunSpark ULTI campaign. They won the event alongside $7,500 in prize money. In fact, that’s just one of many Chaos triumphs thus far in 2020. Truth be told, though, we’re talking about smaller, less-popular events that rarely feature some of the big NA boys. Still, wins are wins and as such, we have to mention them in our Chaos vs. 100T predictions!

Head to Head Matches

Chaos and 100 Thieves (post-Renegades era) played just one head to head match. It was back in late June during CS_summit 6 NA. 100 Thieves took the W in what were two pretty thrilling maps. Inferno and Nuke were on the plate and 100T won both.

The match could’ve gone either way, but the Aussies emerged victorious in the end. I’m afraid that’s it as far as the head to head section of our Chaos vs. 100T predictions goes. There’s nothing more to add here, really…

Map Pool Info

According to map pool data (last three months) from, Chaos is the superior team here. The only two maps their stats are lower than those of 100T are Inferno and Vertigo. Vertigo is their permaban so I guess we can count it out. What gives?

Chaos Vs 100 Thieves Map Pool

Map stats courtesy of

Well, even though Chaos has superior map pool stats, I reckon they won’t have the upper hand cometh the map-ban phase. They might think they do and the stats might suggest so, but I reckon things won’t be that straightforward.

Individual Prowess

The last section of our Chaos vs. 100T predictions revolves around individual prowess. We’re talking players, stats, form and overall level of competitiveness in the last few months. Once again, 100 Thieves should be the superior end here.

Please Note
Form-wise, jks is the man Chaos will have to keep tabs on if they are to go through to the playoffs. On the other end we have Xeppaa and Jonji. Leaf is not to be taken for granted either, but Xeppa has to be pointed out as Chaos’ main fragger in these last two to three months.

Remember, 100 Thieves players have much more experience and typically play against top-tier opponents whereas Chaos usually ventures into the tier-B waters. Yes, you might say wins are wins (and that’s true, to an extent), but there’s something in raw quality and experience too!

Chaos vs. 100T Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5

Yep, total maps over 2.5 is my bet of choice here. If that’s not risky enough for your taste of you’re expecting a stomping on either end, feel free to go with something else. For instance, +155 on a simple Chaos match-winner seems fine. They have a good set of in-form players, their morale is sky-high, and their map stats are looking pretty solid. They could very easily cause an upset against the Aussies…

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