Cloud9 vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions, Picks & Value Hunting

Cloud9 vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions, Picks & Value Hunting

The North American ESL One: Road to Rio playoffs are in full flow. The North American event is roughly a week ahead of the European section simply due to a lower number of teams. Yep, a lower number of top-tier teams has been a big issue for the NA region for quite some time already. However, the most recent ESL One: Road to Rio results would suggest new players on the block. Yep! In fact, our Cloud9 vs. Gen.G predictions are here to settle which of the new NA forces will reign supreme! So, let’s cut straight to the chase and see how we can profit off this matchup!

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If you consider yourself knowledgeable enough and you’re satisfied with what your current bookmaker has to offer, then please continue reading our Cloud9 vs. Gen.G predictions. No worry, the actual picks are just around the corner!

Cloud9 vs. Gen.G Predictions

Let’s start off with the overall ratings of these two teams. According to Rankings, Cloud9 is a slightly “better” team. C9 is 20th and Gen.G is 23rd. Please mind that these rankings are a few days old, even though that shouldn’t affect the overall standings of these two teams that much.

However, despite the fact Cloud9 is slightly better ranked than Gen.G, I firmly believe koosta and the boys are coming into this match as massive favorites. Bookies, surprisingly enough, don’t agree with me this time around. They have C9 as the slightest of favorites, placing them at -134 while Gen.G is at -106.

Recent Forms

Gen.G’s ESL One: Road to Rio NA event has been near perfect from the very start. They went 4-1 in the group stage, including the FF win against Orgless. Basically, Gen.G won three relatively demanding matches and lost against Cloud9 in the penultimate round. Yes, the same Cloud9 they now have to face in the semifinals.

As for Cloud9, even though they defeated Gen.G, they lost against Triumph and 100 Thieves and barely made it through to the playoffs. If it wasn’t for oSee’s and Sonic’s breathtaking performances in the group stage, I reckon Cloud9 would’ve never reached the playoffs.

Are you guys noticing a trend here – both Cloud9 and Gen.G defeated Evil Geniuses which stand for the second-best team in the NA. That’s why, in my books, these two sides have the potential to take EG down and contest Team Liquid at the top. If will be interesting to see, no matter which of the two ends up in the grand finals, to see how they face off against Team Liquid… It’s going to be a thrilling matchup, that’s for sure!

CS:GO Picks

A simple match-winner on Gen.G does the trick in my books! Daps and koosta are in top form, they’re making a class-A NA team that will shake the scene to its core, I guarantee it! This is just the beginning of their run of dominance thanks to which they will develop into worthy Liquid and EG contestants.

With that in mind, -106 at Gen.G to win is what I’m going with here. If that’s too low for you, you can always experiment with stuff like the correct score. In that case, I honestly can’t give you proper advice. It all depends on Gen.G’s ability to snowball following the first map. If they are dominant on the first map, no matter what map it is, I doubt C9 will get back up on their feet and win the remaining two maps. If, on the other hand, Gen.G loses the first map, then everything is possible… which is exactly why I’d say away from specials and their complications with this one. The only thing I can recommend here is a simple match-winner on Gen.G. It’s not the greatest value, but it’s still worth it in my books!

Cloud9 vs. Gen.G Predictions
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