Cloud9 vs. Orgless Betting Predictions | Flashpoint Season 1 Playoffs Picks

There are just a few more matches to go until the end of the inaugural Flashpoint season. With both NA and EU ESL Pro Leagues coming to a close this weekend, top-tier CS:GO action is only for a couple of additional days. After the inaugural Flashpoint season ends, I’m afraid we’ll have to turn to other esports titles to get our daily dose of esports betting. No worries, that’s exactly where our Cloud9 vs. Orgless betting predictions come in!

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Cloud9 vs. Orgless Betting Predictions

Let’s kick things off with our Cloud9 vs. Orgless betting predictions to try and finally get a proper return home! These two teams are bound to put up a proper fight which is why esports betting enthusiasts all across the globe are at the edge of their seats, eagerly expecting this match to start.

So, without further adue, let’s see what these two teams will present us with later today!

Could We See a Rerun?

First things first – Orgless played against Cloud9 in group C finals of the first phase. Cloud9 emerged victorious, but with a much narrower margin than most people thought at first. Not only was the end result 2-1 in C9’s favor, but the last map went to the final 30th round on Dust II. Could we see a rerun here?

As far as the end result goes – yes, I do think we’ll see a rerun here. Cloud9 should cruise to victory. However, as far as the intensity of the match goes, I reckon Orgless won’t be able to put up that sort of numbers again. Yes, we’ve seen them do well against MIBR, but that’s not a massive feat considering MIBR’s poor form in recent months.

On the other hand, the likes of oSee and floppy are looking absolutely brilliant. They’ve been the driving force of this Cloud9 roster and I expect them to drive their team to the end of the lower bracket. The 20-year-old Josh “oSee” Ohm is developing in to C9’s top fragger, averaging 1.16K/D across the last month or so. Across the last 22 maps, to be more precise. While I’m not trying to imply players like WARDELL and Infinite are inferior, if we’re looking at collective performance, C9 is the superior side here. That said, I guess our Cloud9 vs. Orgless betting predictions are pretty clear…

Wrapping Things Up

It’s time to wrap this piece up and share my Cloud9 vs. Orgless betting predictions! As you could’ve guessed on your by now, everything points in the direction of Cloud9. Not only have they been the superior side throughout the group stage but they’ve also shown us more in the initial playoffs matches.

That’s not to say Orgless will come into this match halfcocked. Even though they’ve basically announced last week that they’ll be switching to Valorant, they’re still bound to put up a fight against Cloud9. But, from the way I see it, Cloud9 shouldn’t have too many issues with WARDELL and the rest of the Orgless fellas.

That’s why I won’t overcomplicate things with this one. A simple match-winner of Cloud9 ought to do the trick here. At the moment, C9 to win is at -200, which is about what you’d expect for this matchup. If you want more risk but better rewards, you can go with something like C9 to win 2-0 which is at +140.

Cloud9 vs. Orgless Betting Predictions
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